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This is a web system for access to the CMPR package, to log problems with the package and to see what has been changed. Note that CMPR is no longer being developed or maintained at least not by me. It does run provided you can get the appropriate Tcl/Tk & Fortran environment to work for you, which may be tough on Linux -- not sure.

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What's new in CMPR (Note that CMPR is no longer being developed or maintained):

Feb 2018: From Matt S.: CMPR still works in OS X 10.13 (High Sierra) [and older OSes], provided that XQuartz is reinstalled after every OS update.

Oct 1, 2012: New you-tube lectures on use of CMPR have been added to APS Powder Diffraction Crystallography Resources

LOGIC reimplementation; 3/Sept/2010 Summary; 14/Jan/2010 Summary.

Also, see the Timeline for details on all changes.

Installation Notes Windows, Mac (OS X), Linux, other UNIX.

Notes on Compiling CMPR

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