Summary of Changes: Jan-Sept 2010

(see report on changes)

  • Vince West (Univ. of Penn) has supplied a number of updates that make it easier to plot a number of patterns together and to save all the patterns as a group (CMPR project) and to read the header from 11-BM fxye files better.
  • A newer version of ncnrpack was added to fix a conflict after a OS X security update to X11 that caused the program to hang when a program was run from inside CMPR. (Affects stable & development versions)
  • Switch to using gfortran in place of g77; requires some minor code cleanup; link options should make code more portable on mac and linux; switch from DICVOL91 to DICVOL06. (Affects stable & development versions)
  • Major reworking of the indexing routines.
  • Split cmpr.tcl into two parts (cmpr.tcl and cmprmain.tcl) so that cmpr.tcl can launch either the stable or development versions. To do this the cmpr initialization was cleaned up so that options are now saved in file ~/.cmpr_defaults (or ~/cmpr.defaults on windows) and the save overwrites the old file, rather than appends to the end. The localcmds.tcl, localinit.tcl and ~/.cmpr_init (~/cmpr.init) files are still read. (At some point I'd like to do more work on this so that the switch can be made without a restart. (Affects stable & development versions)
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