Installing LOGIC

To my surprise, I have been hearing from a number of people who are using CMPR/LOGIC with older versions of the ICDD/PDF2 database who were not happy when I reorganized the directories and left the LOGIC features not working properly.

I have finished the reorg and placed the executables needed by LOGIC into a separate directory and these exe files are now loaded when CMPR is installed. If you are not using LOGIC, you can delete the contents of the logic and lexe directories, but they are pretty small.

Armed with this change, you should be able to install the ICDD PDF-2 database from the appropriate command in the CMPR Options menu. Note that to use this, you will need a copy of the ICDD database dating back to before they switched to a copy-protected version of the database (<2000?). Of course, you also need to have a license for this product too. The appropriate older versions of the CDROM will contain a larger file named pdf2.dat. If you have thrown out all your older ICDD CDROMs you are out of luck and will not be able to use LOGIC.

Note that if you have an older version of CMPR/LOGIC installed, the upgrade command will not load the LOGIC exe files (sorry). You will need to replace your bootstrap.bat or with the versions linked here (note that you will need to rename this file once downloaded.)

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