Summary of changes Dec 2009 to mid-Jan 2010

  • Self-Update feature added: this allows CMPR to download and install the latest upgrades from this subversion server with a single menu command (Help/Update? CMPR)
  • CMPR moved to this subversion/trac server.
  • New mechanism provided to save and reread CMPR projects -- which save multiple buffers (aka files), color settings,... (thanks to Vince West for this)
  • New data read and write formats added (thanks in part to Matt Suchomel and Bob Von Dreele)
  • Improve Combine
  • EditFile panel
    • Improve buffer Delete capability and add as button
    • Add buffer Rename feature
  • Plot panel:
    • Add ability change the order that buffers are listed
    • More colors (suggested by Vince West)
  • Rescale: add feature for easy staggered display of plots

minor updates mid-to-late Jan 2010

stable release now at version [395]

  • add option to order read & write file formats
  • improvements to update
  • fix browser open on Mac
  • downgrade svn files for Mac to use v1.4 subversion (as dist w/Leopard)
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