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    3535Note that root access is not required to load GSAS, Tcl/Tk and
    36 <A HREF="expgui.html">EXPGUI</A>.
    38 <H2>0. Prerequisites</H2>
     36<A HREF="expgui.html">EXPGUI</A>, unless the files will be put in
     37a central location (such as /usr/local) or you will use the RPM package.
     39<H2>0. A one-step process for Linux</H2>
     40Many Linux releases incorporate a package-loading program called RPM.
     41The RPM package file loads, <A Href="">GSAS</A> and
     42<A Href="">
     43EXPGUI</A>, as well as checks that your Linux system has been configured
     44properly to run these programs (for example, has Tcl/Tk and BLT loaded).
     45The most recent <font face="courier"></font>
     47(where yyyy, mm & dd are year, month and day)
     48can be found in directory
     49<a href="">
     50</a> or a CCP14 mirror site.
     51See the
     52<A Href="">RPM instructions</a>
     53for details on how to load this package,
     54rather than the following paragraphs.
     56<H2>1. Prerequisites</H2>
    4058I will assume that you already have the Tcl/Tk package loaded on your computer. If this
    62 1. EXPGUI Downloading</H2>
     802. EXPGUI Downloading</H2>
    6381download file
    6482<A HREF="">
    86104</UL>Transfer the appropriate file by shift-clicking on the appropriate link.
    88 2. EXPGUI Installation</H2>
     1063. EXPGUI Installation</H2>
    89107A few short steps are needed to load EXPGUI on your computer.
    911092.1 Create a directory and restore the files</H3>
    92110The EXPGUI scripts are set up to be run from a <B>subdirectory in the main GSAS
    93 directory</B>, by convention I assume the directory name <tt>expgui</tt>, but this is
     111directory</B>, by convention I assume the directory name
     112<font face="courier">expgui</font>, but this is
    94113not required. Thus, if you have located the GSAS package in
    95 <TT>/usr/local/gsas</TT> (so that there is a directory
    96 <TT>/usr/local/gsas/exe</TT>, <TT>/usr/local/gsas/data</TT>, ...)
     114<FONT FACE="COURIER">/usr/local/gsas</FONT> (so that there is a directory
     115<FONT FACE="COURIER">/usr/local/gsas/exe</FONT>, <FONT FACE="COURIER">/usr/local/gsas/data</FONT>, ...)
    97116I assume you will put
    98 these files in <TT>/usr/local/gsas/expgui</TT> but any subdirectory,
    99 such as <TT>/usr/local/gsas/tcl</TT> will work fine.
     117these files in <FONT FACE="COURIER">/usr/local/gsas/expgui</FONT> but any subdirectory,
     118such as <FONT FACE="COURIER">/usr/local/gsas/tcl</FONT> will work fine.
    100119Change the subsequent commands if GSAS is located somewhere
    101 other than <TT>/usr/local/gsas</TT>.
    103 <PRE>
     120other than <FONT FACE="COURIER">/usr/local/gsas</FONT>.
    104123            cd    /usr/local/gsas
    105124            mkdir expgui
    106125            cd    expgui
    107126            gunzip <  [/path/]expgui.tar.gz  | tar xvf -
    108 </PRE>
    109128<P>When restoring the GSAS files from the tar file,
    110 note that <TT>[/path/]</TT> in the example above indicates the location
     129note that <FONT FACE="COURIER">[/path/]</FONT> in the example above indicates the location
    111130where you downloaded the tar file in section 2, above.
    1141332.2 Installing a shortcut to EXPGUI</H3>
    115134While it is possible to invoke EXPGUI by typing
    116 <PRE>
    117136                wish /usr/local/gsas/expgui/expgui
    118 </PRE>
    120 <PRE>
    121140                /home/toby/mywish/wish /home/toby/mygsas/expgui/expgui
    122 </PRE>
    123142or whatever, you will likely want to create an easier command to type.
    124143Below are three ways to do this. Note that only one is needed. Do not use all
    127146<em>Also, note that in the commands below,
    128 </em><TT>^D</TT><em> means control-D.</em>
     147</em><FONT FACE="COURIER">^D</FONT><em> means control-D.</em>
    133152<P>To use EXPGUI, you probably need to create an easy way to access it.
    134153One way to do this is to add an alias to your ~/.cshrc file:
    135 <PRE>
    136155                cat >> ~/.cshrc
    137156                alias expgui "wish /usr/local/gsas/expgui/expgui"
    138157                ^D
    139 </PRE>
    1411602.2b Installing EXPGUI in the path</H4>
    143162Another way to simplify access to EXPGUI
    144163is to create a file which will execute the GUI script from
    145 a command in your system's path, for example <TT>/usr/bin</TT>.
    146 <PRE>
     164a command in your system's path, for example <FONT FACE="COURIER">/usr/bin</FONT>.
    147166                cat > /usr/bin/expgui
    148167                wish /usr/local/gsas/expgui/expgui
    149168                ^D
    150169                chmod +x /usr/bin/expgui
    151 </PRE>
    152171<I>Note that this step (2.2b) is incompatible with the one below (2.2c).</I>
    157176is to create a link in your system's path to the GUI script.
    158177Note that you may need to modify the first line of
    159 <TT>/usr/local/gsas/expgui/expgui</TT>, if wish is located somewhere
    160 other than <TT>/usr/local/bin/wish</TT>.
    162 <PRE>
     178<FONT FACE="COURIER">/usr/local/gsas/expgui/expgui</FONT>, if wish is located somewhere
     179other than <FONT FACE="COURIER">/usr/local/bin/wish</FONT>.
    163182                chmod +x /usr/local/gsas/expgui/expgui
    164183                ln -s /usr/local/gsas/expgui/expgui /usr/bin/expgui
    165 </PRE>
    166185<I>Note that this step (2.2c) is incompatible with the one above (2.2b).</I>
    172191directory with the GSAS executable files,
    173192for example in /usr/local/gsas/exe/.
    174 <PRE>
    175194            cd    /usr/local/gsas/exe
    176195            gunzip <  [/path/]exptool.tar.gz  | tar xvf -
    177 </PRE>
    179198<a name="testtcltk"></a><H2>
    180199Is Tcl/Tk installed already?</H2>
    181200To test if Tcl/Tk is installed correctly on your system
    182 do the following commands. (Commands you type are in this <tt>typewriter</tt>
    183 font, computer responses are this <tt><I>italic font</I></tt>.
     201do the following commands. (Commands you type are in this <font face="courier">typewriter</font>
     202font, computer responses are this <font face="courier"><I>italic font</I></font>.
    184203My comments are provided in this text font and are <U>underlined</U>).
    187 <TR><TD><tt>[tammy@beryl tammy]$ wish</tt></TD>
     206<TR><TD><font face="courier">[tammy@beryl tammy]$ wish</font></TD>
    188207<TD><U>(note a window is created)</U></TD></TR>
    189 <TR><TD><tt><I>%</I> set tcl_version</TD></TR>
    190 <TR><TD><tt><I>8.0</I></tt></TD>
     208<TR><TD><font face="courier"><I>%</I> set tcl_version</font></TD></TR>
     209<TR><TD><font face="courier"><I>8.0</I></font></TD>
    191210<TD><U>(8.0 is the Tcl/Tk version number. EXPGUI requires 8.0 or higher)</U></TD></TR>
    192 <TR><TD><tt><I>%</I> package require BLT</tt></TD></TR>
    193 <TR><TD><tt><I>2.4</I></tt></TD>
     211<TR><TD><font face="courier"><I>%</I> package require BLT</font></TD></TR>
     212<TR><TD><font face="courier"><I>2.4</I></font></TD>
    194213<TD><U>(2.4 is the BLT package version number.
    195214EXPGUI requires 2.3 or higher.
    196215If you get "can't find package BLT" then
    197216BLT is not installed [properly] on your system)</U></TD></TR>
    198 <TR><TD><tt><I>%</I> blt::graph .g</tt></TD></TR>
    199 <TR><TD><tt><I>.g</I></tt></TD>
     217<TR><TD><font face="courier"><I>%</I> blt::graph .g</font></TD></TR>
     218<TR><TD><font face="courier"><I>.g</I></font></TD>
    200219<TD><U>(nothing happens. You should not get an error message here.)</U></TD></TR>
    201 <TR><TD><tt><I>%</I> pack .g</tt></TD>
     220<TR><TD><font face="courier"><I>%</I> pack .g</font></TD>
    202221<TD><U>(now a graph is displayed)</U></TD></TR>
    203 <TR><TD><tt><I>%</I> Blt_ZoomStack .g</tt></TD>
     222<TR><TD><font face="courier"><I>%</I> Blt_ZoomStack .g</font></TD>
    204223<TD><U>(if error message: invalid command name "Blt_ZoomStack" appears
    205224there is a problem with your BLT installation, see below.)</U></TD></TR>
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