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Please note, GSAS and EXPGUI are no longer maintained or supported. We are recommending that people switch to use of GSAS-II which provides all the features of GSAS/EXPGUI, and much more and does many of the same things much better.

This web system provides access to the EXPGUI package and provides links to download GSAS & EXPGUI, in their last version (from March 2014), but note that neither code is being updated. Most GSAS "bugs" are actually problems with installation or with understanding how it is used (EXPGUI does have known bugs), but we are no longer providing help or fixing anything in either GSAS or EXPGUI and the installation mechanisms may not work for everyone. Please switch to GSAS-II, which is supported.

Installation notes:

See Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux for details on how to install.

EXPGUI links:

mailing list:
subversion server address:
EXPGUI project tracking: (here)

GSAS & EXPGUI links:

Introductory information about GSAS
new installation instructions: Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux
GSAS Manual:
APS training lectures:



Last EXPGUI version

There are actually two copies of EXPGUI at this site, the standard distribution and a copy that is used for development. These two versions are now identical and no changes are planned. You can have both copies of EXPGUI loaded on your computer, if you wish, see these instructions, but there is little reason to do so.

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