XCLAIM (x-ray core level atomic multiplets)




Installation instructions

Installation on Windows

A precompiled executable is available for Windows. No additional libraries are needed. To install, download the compressed file


Uncompress and execute the file xclaim.exe in the ditribution directory.

Installation on Linux

Download the distribution file


Open a terminal, change the directory to where you downloaded the tar.gz file, uncompress and execute the file xclaim_gui.py:

wget https://subversion.xray.aps.anl.gov/xclaim/xclaim_1.4_r6.tar.gz
tar xzvf xclaim_1.4_r6.tar.gz
cd xclaim_1.4

The program requires python 2.x to run (preferably python 2.7). The program does not run on python 3.0. There is a series of python packages that need to be installed in the system (see below). You will likely need to use the appropriate Linux package manager to load the required Python packages.

Installation on MacOS

One must have the Python interpreter installed on your Mac to run a Python program. Python 2.7 is recommended. The program does not yet support Python 3.0+. Some Mac OS versions do come with python installed, but not with all the Python packages required here. Note that wxPython at present requires 32-bit Python on a Mac.

We have tested with the older 32-bit EPDfree package, which is downloaded from web page https://www.enthought.com/repo/free/ . EPDfree requires administrator privileges to install. Installation from the .dmg is easy: click on the file to open it (that might happen automatically when you download it). In that new volume, you will see the EPD_free.mpkg installer. Click on that to start the installation process. It works best to run this from the account where you will run CLGR and supply the name of the admin account and its password when requested, as this will cause your login shell setup file to be updated so that directory /Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/Current/bin is in your path. (This is done by adding lines like this to file ~/.profile:

# Setting PATH for EPD-7.2-2
export PATH

The newer freely distributed Enthought Canopy Express Python package has not yet been tested, but will probably work.

To get Canopy Express, use the "Get Canopy Express" button on http://www.enthought.com/products/epd_free.php

To install xclaim download https://subversion.xray.aps.anl.gov/xclaim/xclaim_1.4_r6.tar.gz , open a terminal, uncompress the tar.gz file and execute the file xclaim.py:

tar xzvf xclaim_1.4_r6.tar.gz
cd xclaim_1.4
python xclaim_gui.py

Required python packages

Xclaim is being developed with Python version 2.7. Note that the following packages that are not distributed as a part of the official Python distribution are required:

  • WxPython (on linux, wx requires a backend, usually GTK) wxPython version 2.8 is recommended.
  • matplotlib (requires a backend for display, which should be wx)
  • NumPy
  • SciPy

These packages must be installed after Python is installed, or preferably you can install a Python distribution that includes all of these packages.

Created: 2017-05-10 Wed 15:47