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Notes Installing Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

These are my notes on getting GSAS-II working on Ubuntu 14.04LTS done on 7/23/14. N.B. this is on a virtual machine running on a Mac under Parallels.

  • Point Parallels to create a new OS from that image, using mostly standard options
  • After install, take snapshot then use software updater to update all packages; reboot.
  • Use top left icon, search for software, start Ubuntu Software Center app; search for and install
    • scipy (python-scipy)
    • wxtools (python-wxtools)
    • python-opengl
    • python-matplotlib
    • subversion
    • wx2.8-i18n -- skipping for now, lets see what happens
  • Find Terminal app and drag to toolbar
  • Use Terminal to create G2 directory, move there, cd there and type:


installation starts... lots of output. Desktop icon created!

See if GSAS-II runs. This was not the case when I did the installation, but that problem has now been fixed. (See attachment for example of a typical error).

Reconfiguring to place menus in GSAS-II windows

If GSAS-II does not run due to incompatible binaries

OK, now lets compile the binaries

  • More software installs
    • gfortran
    • scons
  • Use Terminal to perform builds

cd fsource


GSAS-II now runs!

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