Notes Installing Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

These are my notes on getting GSAS-II working on Ubuntu 14.04LTS done on 7/23/14. N.B. this is on a virtual machine running on a Mac under Parallels.

  • Point Parallels to create a new OS from that image, using mostly standard options
  • After install, take snapshot then use software updater to update all packages; reboot.
  • Use top left icon, search for software, start Ubuntu Software Center app; search for and install
    • scipy (python-scipy)
    • wxtools (python-wxtools)
    • python-opengl
    • python-matplotlib
    • subversion
    • wx2.8-i18n -- skipping for now, lets see what happens
  • Find Terminal app and drag to toolbar
  • Use Terminal to create G2 directory, move there, cd there and type:


installation starts... lots of output. Desktop icon created!

See if GSAS-II runs. This was not the case when I did the installation, but that problem has now been fixed. (See attachment for example of a typical error).

Reconfiguring to place menus in GSAS-II windows

By default, the default desktop manager for Ubuntu (Unity) places menus on the top of the screen and these are seen only when the mouse is moved to that location:

Standard Unity menus

This can be changed, use the gear or knob in the upper right to select the "System Settings" menu

System Settings menu...

In the new window, select "Appearance" and then "Behavior" and finally select to "Show menus..." in the "... window's title bar", as below.

change default setting

Once this is selected, the menu appears on the title bar, when the mouse is placed there, as below.

Alternate Unity behavior

This is not exactly ideal, IMHO, but does save screen "real estate."

If GSAS-II does not run due to incompatible binaries

OK, now lets compile the binaries

  • More software installs
    • gfortran
    • scons
  • Use Terminal to perform builds

cd fsource


GSAS-II now runs!

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