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     1= Installing GSAS-II on Windows with !CanopyExpress =
     3You will need to know if you are running 32- or 64-bit Windows (click here [ if you are not sure]).
     5 1. Download the free !CanopyExpress package from [ Enthought, Inc. download page]. (Supplying an e-mail address is optional.) Select the 32-bit version (upper right) if on 32-bit Windows. For 64-bit Windows, either version can be used, but we recommend the 64-bit version as that will handle much larger refinement projects.
     7 You will download a file such as `canopy-1.5.2-win-32.msi` (32-bit) or "`canopy-1.5.2-win-64.msi` (64-bit). Click on that file to launch the Windows software installer. Most users can use all the default installation options.
     9 When the installation is nearly complete, you are given an option to make Canopy the default Python option. Using the default is not required, but makes later installation steps much easier. Click on the "Start Using Canopy" button.
     11 2. Download file ​ Click on this file in Windows Explorer ([attachment:DownloadedFile.png see screen image]), you should see a single folder named GSASII ([attachment:ZipContents.png see screen image]). Drag this file anywhere you want to install GSAS-II (your desktop, your Documents folder, the D: drive,...)
     13 3. You then need to execute the `` file. This can be done a few different ways. The easiest is to double-click on the `bootstrap.bat` file (N.B. by default, no extension is shown for this). (If you did not make Canopy the default Python in step 1, above, you will need to edit `bootstrap.bat` to include the full path to `python.exe`.) Alternately, you can also use a command something like:
     15    `python \Users\<me>\Desktop\GSASII\`
     17 in a "All Programs"/Enthought Canopy/"Canopy command prompt" window. Note that double-clicking on the `` file will open it in the Canopy code editor. This can also be used to execute this install script, but this is a bit clunky.
     19 This script will check to see that the Python packages needed to run GSAS-II are installed and that the subversion program needed to install and update from the Internet (included in the .zip file) is present. It then asks for a proxy address ([attachment:../WinAnacondaInstall/BootstrapStart.png see screen image]).
     21 **Proxy address**: For most people, pressing return to use the default (no proxy) works fine, but for some sites a proxy address such as `` is needed. If you are not able to get the GSAS-II download to work, you probably need a proxy. Check with your network/computer administrators; anyone competent should know if a proxy is in use. Supply the address (``) on the first line and the port number (`7070`) on the second.
     23Note that many seemingly nasty warning messages appear when PyOpenGl is installed. This is not a problem, provided the installation and script complete normally.
     25After the script completes, a file named `RunGSASII.bat` is created with the locations of GSAS-II and Python hard-coded. You should have a shortcut to start GSAS-II on your desktop linked to that .bat file. GSAS-II project files (with extension .gpx) will appear with the same icon and clicking on them will open them in GSAS-II.
     27Note also that the (or bootstrap.bat) file can be rerun without problems. If there are any updates to GSAS-II they will be downloaded, but only any new files will be downloaded and the script should complete very quickly.