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    3838 * The APS archives the e-mails [ here (], but offers no search capabilities.
     40== Bugs ==
     42We frequently get bug reports without the information allowing us to find and fix it. Before reporting a bug, please confirm you are using the newest GSAS-II version (see !Help/Check for Updates).
     44To report a bug, either send an e-mail to the mailing list (gsas-ii "at" or send it to both of us (vondreele "at" and toby "at" Also,
     45please do the following:
     47 1) Send us the error message(s) and traceback from the console window [text beginning with "Traceback (most recent call..."]
     49 2) Report the startup lines that GSAS-II prints at the beginning of the console output [from "GSAS-II binary directory..." to "This is GSAS--II version..."). Restart, if needed to get this.
     51 3) Get us the .gpx file — don’t send that to, but you can e-mail it to and Better still, upload it to (you will need to set up a guest account) or use some other sharing service, such as and include a link in the e-mail.
     53 4) Please tell us exactly what you need to do to reproduce the error from the .gpx file (please provide the order that you click on menus and buttons, they may matter.) If we can't reproduce it, we can't fix it.
     55 5) If your error involves processing an image, we will need that too. Again please don’t send that to the full list, either.
    4058== GSAS-II Project tracking ==