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    3434=== Compiling and linking pyspg.for ===
    36 A sample [ Makefile] is provided to compile and link the Fortran routines used in GSAS-II. In all likelihood, all that is needed to changed in the file will be to provide values for the variables:
     36Compiled shared libraries for this are already provided for all supported platforms, but for those who want to compile code or port to other platforms,
     37the Fortran source code used in GSAS-II is built with the Python scons utility based on the input in file [ SConstruct] is provided to compile and link the Fortran routines used in GSAS-II and these options work for us on Windows, Mac and Linux. You could find that some options do not default properly for you, if so typing:
    38  * COMPILER: this defines the compiler options supplied to f2py
    39  * PACKCOPTS: this defines extra compiler options needed to compile the pack_f program (not used in GSASIIspg)
    40  * SUFFIX: name added to produced library (pyd or so)
    41  * F2PY: name of f2py program ( or f2py, if not in path, include a full path name.)
    42  * MOVE: name of program used to copy or move the compiled/linked library to directory bin/
    43  * DEL: delete command to be used after a copy or move
    44  * GSASlib: full path to GSAS library (needed only for pypowder, not used in GSASIIspg).
    45 The provided [ Makefile] has examples that have been used on all three platforms.
     39{{{  scons help}}}
     41will display information on the command-line options that can be accessed for customization.