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Problems with installation

Error messages

Note: The error message shown below that says "Failed to run post install script" is expected to occur at the end of installation; this is a bug in the conda installer that does not actually represent a problem. Press "Ignore" and the installation completes properly.

If you see any other error messages, please save a screen image that you can use in reporting the

If the GSAS-II Installation fails to start

If the conda installation completes but for some reason the GSAS-II installation does not complete properly, it is possible to rerun the GSAS-II installation script. This can also be done to update GSAS-II. It never hurts to run this script and it will only download/update files that were not previously downloaded.

First, open the Windows System Command Prompt (cmd.exe) window (alternately, use the Windows PowerShell). In that window, type the following two commands:

C:\Users\toby> cd g2conda
C:\Users\toby\g2conda> .\python.exe GSASII\

Note that the cd command may need to change depending on where you chose to install. If you have more than one version of Python installed on your system, you want to use the one installed in this process because that Python will be used in the GSAS-II shortcut to run GSAS-II (and an error message will be shown if you don't have all the expected packages.)

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