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     1A single download installer can be used to install the latest version of GSAS-II.
     3Download this file:
     5=== Install Python ===
     7Run this file (g2conda-0.1.1-Windows-x86_64.exe).
     9Note that installer suggest closing all applications. It is wise to save work in other applications, but closing them seems a bit excessive.
     11The terms show you the article we ask you to cite, as well as the use terms for Python and packages. You must agree to continue.
     13We have only tested with install for "Just Me"
     15You can install anywhere you wish. We have not yet tested with directories containing spaces. Make a note of the location of the "Destination Folder" (you can select it and use control-C to copy it to the clipboard).
     17Unselect the two Advanced Installation Options (unless you want to use this Python for other tasks).
     19The Python installation will then begin. Press Finish when it completes.
     21=== Install GSAS-II ===
     23Using Windows File Explorer, open the directory where Python was installed. The can be done by clicking on the folder icon just below the top menu and type or paste (with control-V) the path from the "Destination Folder" above.
     25In that directory, click on the Scripts folder to open that subdirectory.
     27Scroll down to the install-gsas2.bat file and double-click on that to start the GSAS-II download and installation.
     29A "DOS' (cmd.exe) window will open and you are asked to enter a proxy address. Most people will leave that blank and hit return.