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Python Packages Required in GSAS-II

GSAS-II requires that you install Python 2.7.x on your computer as well as a number of required Python packages.

There are many distributions of Python available, but for Windows and Mac users, the easiest way to obtain Python with the packages we require is to install the Canopy or Anaconda distributions, as described in the platform-specific installation instructions (Windows, Mac OS X or Linux). Linux users have the additional option of using pre-built Python dists from Redhat, Ubuntu, etc.

At present, GSAS-II is being developed with Python version 2.7 (2.7.3 - 2.7.10 as this is written). GSAS-II requires the WxPython which is not yet being included in bundled Python distributions for Python 3.x, so we have not started Python 3 testing. We hope this changes soon.