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Installing GSAS-II on Windows with a mini-SVN kit

This assumes that you already have Python and and the required packages installed on your computer. Note that this installation method is somewhat cumbersome due to the need to update the file and the need to deal with paths. Be sure to read the Windows Installation Instructions for a discussion of prerequisites for running GSAS-II.

The minimal files needed to run subversion can be downloaded as a zip file, along with a script that will install GSAS-II from the server.

  1. Download the svn kit using one of these URLs: or
  1. Open the downloaded in the Windows Explorer -- you should see a single folder named GSAS-II. Drag this folder to where you would like to install the software.
  1. Update the install script from this ​link: ​

Use your web browser to overwrite the file with the same name in the GSASII directory you created above or move this from your downloads folder to that location.

  1. Open this new folder and run the file. If Python is in your system's path, double-click on the bootstrap.bat` file. this will A "DOS" (cmd.exe) window will open. If you need to use a version of Python that is not in your path, you will need to edit the .bat file to include the path or use an alternate way to invoke Python (see WinAnacondaInstall or WinCanopyInstall).
  1. When the file runs, you will see a prompt like this:
    Enter the proxy address [none needed]:

At most sites you can simply press Enter to use the default value (no proxy), but if you do enter a proxy address, you will also be prompted to supply a port for the proxy:

Enter the proxy port [8080]:

Assuming that GSAS-II needs to install pyOpenGL (usual, depending on the Python installation), this will cause lots of warning messages to flash past but unless the script halts with an error, everything is most likely fine.

After the script completes, a file named RunGSASII.bat is created with the locations of GSAS-II and Python hardcoded and a shortcut to start GSAS-II is created on the desktop linked to RunGSASII.bat. The extension .gpx` is registered so that GSAS-II project files will be shown with the GSAS-II icon and so that clicking on them will open them in GSAS-II.

Add shortcut(s) to Start Menu (optional):

Right-click on Start Menu, select open from list of choices

Left-click on Programs folder

Right-click on a blank section of folder and select new->folder to create place for shortcuts, name the new folder GSAS-II (or whatever you prefer)

Copy the shortcut(s) created above from the desktop to the new folder in Start Menu\Programs

Updating GSAS-II to the latest version

GSAS-II is updated often (sometimes daily). The version that has been installed can be determined from the revision number listed when the Help/About? GSAS-II menu is used. A summary of what is changed in each revision can be found in At any point, the file (see step 3, above) can be run again. When this is done, only the files that have been changed will be downloaded, so the transfer will take much less time. If you have made changes in any files, the subversion program (svn) will attempt to merge your changes with the updates on the server. This will usually succeed, but if there are conflicts, you will need to resolve them yourself before GSAS-II will run properly.


If GSAS-II fails to start, you should debug that by starting a "DOS window" (use Start to run cmd.exe) and then in that window type

cd <...>\GSASII

where D: is the drive where GSAS-II was installed and <...> is the location where GSAS-II is installed. There should be some sort of error message shown in the DOS window.