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     1= Installing GSAS-II on Windows with mini-SVN kit =
     3The minimal files needed to run subversion can be downloaded as a zip file, along with a batch file that will install GSAS-II from the server.
     5 1.    Download the svn kit using one of these URLs: or
     7 2.   Open the downloaded in the Windows Explorer -- you should see a single folder named GSAS-II. Drag this folder to where you would like to install the software.
     9 3. Open this folder in its new location and double-click on the bootstrap.bat file. A "DOS" (cmd.exe) window will open and you should see
     12Preparing to load/update GSAS-II
     13Press any key to continue . . .
     16   Press Enter and the transfer of files starts. After it completes you should see:
     20A    gsas2mac.ico
     24Checked out revision 331.
     25Files have been loaded. Press Return to start GSAS-II.
     26Press any key to continue . . .
     27    }}}       
     29  If GSAS-II fails to start, you should debug by starting a DOS window (use Start to run cmd.exe). In that window type
     32cd <...>\GSASII
     35to see what error is occuring.
     37    In the future, GSAS-II can be started by clicking on the GSASII.bat file that has been downloaded into the installation directory.
     40  4.  Make a desktop shortcut to GSAS-II (optional)
     42    Right-click on the file and select "Create Shortcut". Drag the new shortcut to the desktop (or your preferred location). This may work for you as-is, but you may want to or need to make changes. To do that right-click on the shortcut and select properties. This opens the properties dialog. In that window make these changes:
     44    '''Target:''' If you obtain an error where Windows does not know what program to associate with .py files, either associate them with the python installed on your computer or add the full path to python before the path to the GSASII.bat file in the "Target:" box:
     46        {{{C:\PYTHON27\python.exe C:\GSASII\GSASII.bat $*}}}
     48    If you used a directory that has spaces in the name put the names in quotes, e.g.:
     50        {{{"C:\EPD dist\PYTHON27\python.exe" C:\GSASII\GSASII.bat $*}}}
     52    Note the $* is optional, but it allows files to be "dropped" onto the shortcut.
     54    '''Start in:''' Change this box to wherever you would like to have GSASII start -- where you keep your data files. (Optional)
     56    '''Change Icon:''' Use this button to change the icon to the GSAS2.ico file in the C:\GSASII directory (optional).
     58    You may also want to rename this shortcut.
     60  5.  Add shortcut(s) to Start Menu (optional)
     61        Right-click on Start Menu, select open from list of choices
     63        Left-click on Programs folder
     65        Right-click on a blank section of folder and select new->folder to create place for shortcuts, name the new folder GSAS-II (or whatever you prefer)
     67        Copy the shortcut(s) created above from the desktop to the new folder in Start Menu\Programs