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Install using the Enthought EPDfree Python Distribution

The EPDfree package is pretty old as Python dists go. It works as best we know, but these instructions will not be updated. The EPDfree dist could disappear from the Internet at any time.

For this, you will install the free Enthought (EPDfree) Python Distribution. Note that Enthought has replaced EPDfree with a new free product CanopyExpress. This may also work, but we have not yet tested it. We use a more complete version of EPD for development, described in the Python section, below. Also, you will use the mini-svn/bootstrap kit, which contains a pared-down version of the subversion program and a batch file that installs GSAS-II from the APS subversion server. Detailed instructions on use of kit are found here: Installation Instructions?.

  1. To install EPDfree, download the EPDfree 32-bit Windows .msi file from web page Click on it to invoke the windows installer. (See notes below about how to install without administrator privileges.)
  1. Download file file from URL
  1. Open the downloaded in the Windows Explorer -- you should see a single folder named GSAS-II. Drag this folder to where you would like to install the GSAS-II software.
  1. Run the bootstrap.bat file to install the GSAS-II software. This will ask questions about proxy server (most users can use the default here) and install the GSAS-II files in the location where the batch file is located. (See the Installation Instructions? for more details.) Note that this batch file can be rerun at anytime to obtain the latest updates for GSAS-II. This .BAT file will also install the PyOpenGL module that is not provided by EPDFree.
  1. Use the RunGSASII.BAT file or the desktop shortcut to start GSAS-II. The Installation Instructions? explain how to create a shortcut for this.