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Installing GSAS-II with a Single-Step Download

A new approach for downloading and installing GSAS-II, along with required prerequisites has been developed using tools from Continuum Analytics, Inc. and their Anaconda free product. Downloading this file (180 Mb) provides, Python, a number of Python packages, and subversion, which is used to install and update GSAS-II. This installation has only gotten limited testing, so please report problems, unclear instructions or success to Brian Toby. Version with figures

Step 1:

Download file with this URL

Step 2:

Execute this file. This should be done by typing the command "bash <path>/" in a terminal window. One easy way to to this is to open a terminal (Applications/Utilities/ type "bash " (leaving a space), then use finder to drag the downloaded file to the terminal window. Then press Enter to run the command. (click here to see screen images.)

Step 3:

Answer prompts from the install script.

  1. Press enter to start the procedure
  1. Press enter to read through the copyright notice
  1. type "yes" to accept the copyright information and start the installation.

(click here to see screen images.)

Step 4:

(click here to see screen images.)