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Information for Folks Writing Code

GSAS-II routines are copyright protected, but are available for reuse in other non-commercial codes with appropriate scholarly acknowledgment. Contribution of code to the GSAS-II is encouraged. Accounts on this site can be made available to people who become active in development.

GSAS-II Developer's Documentation

Documentation on the Python routines that implement GSAS-II is now built and maintained on website Read the Docs on site The guide to the source code can be accessed in formats:

These documents are quite extensive (at current count, the PDF is 167 pages) and have a comprehensive index. The HTML pages provide links to the source code for each top-level routine and class.

Reusable Modules

These modules have been better documented than most and are intended for standalone as well as internal use:

  • GSASIIspc: Space group interpretation code
  • GSASIIlattice: Lattice computations code
  • GSASIIscriptable: a module providing an API for GSAS-II capabilities and for access to GSAS-II project (.gpx) files so that refinements can be performed by scripts or GSAS-II capabilities can be incorporated into other codes.

GSAS-II Unit Tests

The hope is that all sections of GSAS-II code will eventually have unit tests, following the outline defined here, but not very many have been written.

GSAS-II Project tracking

Updates to the source code can be followed using the Timeline Trac tool at this website. The Tickets and Roadmap features are not currently in use.


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