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Installing GSAS-II with a Single-Step Download with figures

Step 2:

Execute this file.

Type "bash " into a terminal window, drag the downloaded file from a finder

This places the file name with full path name into the terminal window, then press Enter.

Step 3:

Answer prompts from the install script.

  1. Press enter to start the procedure

  1. Press enter to read through the copyright notice

start of "license" information

  1. Type "yes" to accept the copyright information and start the installation.

End of "license" information

  1. Enter a location for where the files should be loaded, if the default is not OK and press enter. If the default is OK, simply press enter. Note that no tests have been done with paths that contain spaces.

enter install location

  1. Wait while the installation of Python, etc occurs. There will typically be a long delay while nothing.

after successful install

Step 4:

after successful install completed

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