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    2020  * By using the `-b` option in the command above, you are agreeing to the Python and GSAS-II licenses [#AnacondaLicense as below]; the text of the [#G2license GSAS-II license is also below].
    2121  * The `-p` option specifies where GSAS-II is installed. Note that `-p ~/g2full` installs GSAS-II into directory `g2full` in your home folder. Change `~/g2full` if desired.
     22  * These commands require that you run the default bash or zsh shell. If you get a "Command not found" error, add a `bash` command before the first line as:
     26curl "$g2" > /tmp/; bash /tmp/ -b -p ~/g2full
    2228  * The `curl` command will likely fail if your network requires a proxy to access the internet. In that case you can download file by clicking on it here in your browser and run it [#BrowserDownload using steps listed below.] Note though that you will need to know the proxy settings in order to get GSAS-II to properly update, see ProxyInfo for more.
    2329  * If you want to install GSAS-II onto a computer that does not have an internet connection (or has a slow or expensive connection), download file on a computer with better access and move the downloaded file on a USB stick, etc to where you wish to install it. Note that the installation process will use the internet if access is available for updates, but usually only very minor amounts of information will be transferred. Installation will complete properly even without network access, but then a not quite up-to-date version of GSAS-II will be will installed.