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    33A new approach for downloading and installing GSAS-II, along with required prerequisites has been developed using tools from Continuum Analytics, Inc. and their Anaconda free product. Downloading
    4 [ this file]
     4this file
    55(~200 Mb) provides, Python, a number of Python packages, and subversion, which is used to install and update GSAS-II. This is a new installation process, so please report problems, unclear instructions to [ Brian Toby] (notes about success are also appreciated). Note that a much more detailed version of these instructions, with lots of screen images, [MacSingleStepInstallerFigs is found here.]
    77=== Step 1: ===
    8 Download file `````` from this URL
     9Download **one** of the following:
     13   * This has contains the latest intercompatible Python packages, including Python 3.7, wxPython 4.0.3, !NumPy 1.51.1, !SciPy 1.1.0, matplotlib 2.2.3,... Since the code has not been fully tested with this environment, there is some chance for finding compatibility bugs we have not yet seen (but will certainly fix if reported.)
     16   * This has mostly the same packages as the above, but contains Python 2.7.x and an older version of wxPython (3.0.0). This may be a bit more safe with regards to bugs, but we are now recommending Python 3.x rather than this dist.
     19 * Download file `````` from this URL
     20   * this is older and is not recommended, unless you have problems with the previous installers (older OS X versions?). This contains an older version of, which does not handle proxies perfectly.
    1022=== Step 2: ===
    1224Execute this file.
    1325This should be done by typing the command
    14    ```bash <path>/```
     26   ```bash <path>/g2conda-*```
    1527in a terminal window. One easy way to to this is to open a terminal (!Applications/Utilities/ type "```bash ```" (leaving a space), then use finder to drag the downloaded file to the terminal window. Then press Enter to run the command.
    1628 ([wiki:MacSingleStepInstallerFigs#Step2: click here to see screen images].)