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     1= Installing a Native "Apple Silicon" GSAS-II Version on MacOS =
     3After something like 4 months of occasional trial and much error, I was finally able to get GSAS-II to run on a ARM Mac running 11.2.3.
     5As of right now (6/24/21), Anaconda is not supporting ARM Macs and the wxpython version of miniforge is broken, so I had to install Python and associated packages with [ homebrew].
     7== Installing Homebrew ==
     9See [ this page]. Note that access to a Admin level account is a requirement for this. Use these steps:
     11 1. Install command line tools. Use command:
     13xcode-select --install
     15 1. Log into a admin account (I used `su admin` in a terminal)
     16 3. Install homebrew using command:
     18/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
     20 4. To add brew to path, use command:
     22eval "$(/opt/homebrew/bin/brew shellenv)"
     25== Install stuff with brew ==
     27Brew is used to install a bunch of things. Here are the commands I used:
     30brew install svn
     31brew install python
     32brew install scipy
     33brew install wxpython
     36== Install more stuff with pip ==
     39python3 -m pip install -U matplotlib
     40python3 -m pip install -U pyopengl 
     44== Install GSAS-II ==
     47mkdir ~/GSASII
     48cd ~/GSASII
     49curl -o
     53== Compiling GSAS-II fortran routines ==
     55You probably do not need this. There is now a set of M1 (ARM aka Apple Silicon) binaries in
     57This was fairly hard and I don't know what steps were required in retrospect. Also, it might have been better to use `brew install gfortran scons` rather than using miniforge to install gfortran. (I downloaded from
     58Miniforge3-MacOSX-arm64 link on
     60bash ~/Downloads/
     61source /Users/toby/miniforge3/bin/activate
     62conda create -n buildg10.2 gfortran=10.2 gfortran_impl_osx-arm64=10.2 scons numpy
     64I installed all of Xcode to get file headers, but that may not have been needed. I had a lot of problems getting gcc to find them, but that should now be changed in Sconstruct