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Installing GSAS-II on Windows

Overview: Installing GSAS-II requires three actions: installing a Python distribution, a download package (subversion) and the actual GSAS-II code. Most Windows users (Windows-7 and later) with 64-bit Windows can do all this with a single download of a self-installer by following the steps summarized below. A much more detailed version of these instructions, with plenty of screen images and debugging information is given here.

If you are using 32-bit Windows, or a version of Windows older than Windows-7 or want to install Python yourself, please see these pages with alternate installation instructions

Installation Instructions

  1. Download this .exe file (~0.4 Gb):
  1. Run the downloaded file (Latest-Windows-x86_64.exe), You will likely need to click on "More Info" and "Run anyway".
  1. Press to view to the License Agreement window. The GSAS-II license is here and the full text from the installer is here.
  1. After accepting the License Agreement, on the next screen select to install for "Just Me".
  1. On the next screen, for the Installation Location, use the default, unless you have special characters or spaces in your name default directory name, where it is better to use something like C:\GSAS2. Make a note of where you install GSAS-II (use right-click to copy the text.)
  1. On the Advanced Installation Options screen, uncheck both options.
  1. Then click on the "Install" button. Expect installation to take at least a few minutes.
    • If you are reinstalling, installing a second copy of GSAS-II, need to use an internet proxy, etc., you will see warning or error message. See the full installation instructions here for more details.
    • Note that if your computer does not have a working internet connection when the installer is run, an error message is shown, but a functioning copy of GSAS-II will be installed, just not the most recent GSAS-II version.
  1. An icon for starting GSAS-II will be placed on your desktop when the installtion is nearly complete. Click on "Next" and "Finish" in the installer to complete the installation.


Test the installation by clicking on the desktop icon and confirming that GSAS-II starts.