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    11= Installing GSAS-II on Windows =
    3 Overview: Installing GSAS-II requires three things: installing a Python distribution, a download package (subversion) and the actual GSAS-II code. This can now be done in one step, [SingleStepWindowsNew see here].
     3Overview: Installing GSAS-II requires three things: installing a Python distribution, a download package (subversion) and the actual GSAS-II code. Most Windows users (Windows-7 and later) with 64-bit Windows can do all this with a single download by following the steps summarized below. A much more detailed version of these instructions, with plenty of screen images and debugging information [SingleStepWindowsIllustrated is given here].
    5 === New Easy-to-Use Installer ===
     5If you are using 32-bit Windows, or a version of Windows older than Windows-7 or want to install Python yourself, please see [WindowsInstallTheHardWay these pages on alternate installation instructions]
    7 '''''Try this First''''': A [SingleStepWindowsNew Single download step installer] that greatly reduces the number of downloads needed to install GSAS-II.
     71. Download this .exe file (~0.4 Gb):
     8 *
    9 === Alternate Install Instructions ===
     102. Run the downloaded file (Latest-Windows-x86_64.exe), You will likely need to click on "More Info" and a "Run anyway".
    11 There are at least three different distributions of Python that can be used with GSAS-II. If you want to use a specific Python distribution, please see these installation directions:
    12 [WinAnacondaInstall Quick Install with Continuum Anaconda] or [WinCanopyInstall Quick Install with Enthought Canopy].
     123. Press to view to the License Agreement window. The  [SingleStepWindowsIllustrated#G2license GSAS-II license is here] and the [SingleStepWindowsIllustrated#AnacondaLicense full text from the installer is here].
    14   *** note: if you install Python yourself, please do not use numpy version 1.16.0. Older or newer versions will be fine, but that version will produce .gpx files that cannot be read with older versions of numpy ***
     144. After accepting the License Agreement, on the next screen select to install for "Just Me".
    16 == Installation Details for the Curious ==
     165. On the next screen, for the '''Installation Location''', use the default, unless you have special characters or spaces in your name default directory name, where it is better to use something like {{{C:\GSAS2}}}. '''''Make a note of where you install GSAS-II''''' (use right-click to copy the text.)
    18 === Python ===
     186. On the Advanced Installation Options screen, uncheck both options.
    20 Python is a computer scripting language, which means that one must have the Python interpreter installed on your computer to run a Python program. However, there are several [PythonPackages Python packages required by GSAS-II] that are not distributed within the standard Python distribution, so not just any package of the Python interpreter will do for GSAS-II. For development, we are now using the [ Anaconda Python distribution] and recommend this. Previously were used the [ EPD] distribution, but this is now out of date. Note that there are currently two major versions of Python, 2.7.x and (newer) 3.x. GSAS-II and be used with either, but has gotten more testing with 2.7.
     207. Then click on the "Install" button. Expect installation to take at least a few minutes.
     21 * If you are reinstalling, installing a second copy of GSAS-II, need to use an internet proxy, you will see warning or error message. [SingleStepWindowsIllustrated See the full installation instructions here] for more details.
     22 * If your internet connection is not working, you will also get an error message, but a working copy of GSAS-II will be installed, just not the most recent GSAS-II version.
    22  In addition to the Python dists referenced in the [#AlternateInstallInstructions quick install instructions] above, there are others for Windows we have not tested:
     248. An icon for starting GSAS-II will be placed on your desktop when the installtion is nearly complete. Click on "Next" and "Finish" to complete the installation. Test the installation by clicking on the desktop icon and confirming that GSAS-II starts.
    24  * [ Enthought Canopy] is a Python distribution from a company that has done quite a bit of work in Python and made that available to the community. We have not done any testing with this for a while, but have done so in the past and expect it to work fine.
    26  * [ Python(x,y)] is a free Windows (and Linux) Python distribution. It focuses on supporting the Qt GUI package while GSAS-II requires wxPython, but this distribution does offer wx and all the other packages that GSAS-II requires, as far as we are aware. Note that when you install, you will either need to select to install all packages or else perform a customized installation to ensure that the [PythonPackages Python packages required by GSAS-II] are installed. To install, download the .exe file, run it and read the instructions.
    28  * [ ActiveState ActivePython] This is commercial licensed software that includes a free version with no support. !ActiveState is well respected in the scripting community, but we have not tried this yet.
    30  * We used to recommend the predecessor to Canopy, the Enthough Python Distribution (EPD) which came in two flavors, one free and one by subscription. We still do some testing with this to ensure that our software is backwards compatible. There are older instructions here for installing GSAS-II using [WinOldInstall the Enthought EPDfree package], but this is no longer recommended.
    32 === Subversion ===
    34 Subversion is a software version tracking system that allows you to download and update the GSAS-II software directly from the APS subversion server ( You can install a variety of different versions of this software, but the two we recommend for Windows are these:
    36  * [ TortoiseSVN] incorporates Subversion capabilities into Windows. See the downloads directory and be sure to install the version (64-bit or 32-bit) appropriate for your version of Windows -- this must match the OS or it will not run. Once TortoiseSVN is installed, follow [TortoiseInstall these installation instructions]
    38 '''''or (not recommended)'''''
    40  * mini-svn kit: A 2.5 Mb zip file has been prepared that contains a minimal SVN package, along with a batch file for installing GSAS-II from the APS subversion server. Use these [ZipInstall Installation Instructions] to use this kit. The installer here ( is quite old and should be updated from this link:
    42 '''''or (not recommended)'''''
    44  * If you are unable to access the subversion server for some reason and must use a conventional download (note that in all the cases so far where people have been seemed to be blocked have turned out to be fixed through addition of a proxy server), you can download a snapshot of the current version of GSAS-II using this URL:
    48  This will supply all the GSAS-II files in a zip archive. The contents of this archive can be moved to the location where GSAS-II will be installed.
    50  We discourage use of this because you will need to repeat the entire download every time you want to upgrade; GSAS-II is updated often (sometimes daily!).
    52 === Compiling Fortran Code ===
    54 '''''Normally you will not need to compile anything.''''' The GSAS-II distribution contains compiled .pyd (library modules) needed by a 32-bit or a 64-bit Python version 2.7 interpreter for Windows. However, if you are working with an unusual python interpreter or are doing GSAS-II development, compilation instructions can be [CompilingWindows found here].