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Installing GSAS-II on Mac OS X

GSAS-II has been tested by us (Brian) on Intel (i386) Macs typically running 10.12 to 10.14. Newer versions of OS X should not be a problem. Versions of OS X as old as 10.6 should work, but you will need to find and install older Python distributions see the "hard way" instructions.

Installing the easy way

Most people will install GSAS-II by downloading a single file that contains all needed Python packages and then launches a script that downloads the appropriate files from the GSAS-II svn server. The instructions below briefly describe how to do this, but more a expanded version of these instructions are here that show screen images and explore the most likely errors. If this does not solve problems, please report them.

March 13, 2020: Please note that the file referenced in 1. below is not accessible. A "backup" copy has been placed here: See the "1. (Alternate...)" section for instructions on using that.

  1. Open a terminal window. Paste the three commands below in that window:
mkdir -p ~/.conda
curl "$g2" > /tmp/; bash /tmp/
  1. (Alternate to above)
  • Open a terminal window. In that window type:
    mkdir -p ~/.conda
  • Then type the five characters "bash " (note space after "h") but do not press return.
  • In your favorite browser, open and use the "..." menu to the right of entry to download that file. Once it is downloaded, use the browser's downloaded files capability to view the file in finder.
  • Drag the downloaded file into the terminal window to create a command like this:
    bash /Users/Me/Downloads/"
  • Press return to start the installation

If this fails, see the expanded instructions.

  1. Answer prompts from the install script, pressing Enter to start, then space to page through the copyright notice.
  1. Type Yes for to accept the license information.
  1. Enter the installation location. Spaces or special characters in the name may cause problems (or maybe not). Once you have installed in a location, do not move the files elsewhere. Instead install again. Make a note of where you have installed GSAS-II; this may be useful if you have problems.
  1. Wait while the files are installed (typically a few minutes)
  1. Type "no" for "initializing gsas2full using conda init"
  1. Drag the GSAS-II app to the dock (optional). Do not move this file.
  1. Create an alias for the GSAS-II app and move to the desktop -- or elsewhere (optional). This can be renamed if desired after moving.

Note that the first time that GSAS-II is started you will need to confirm that access to the Terminal app will be allowed.

Installing the hard way

See these instructions if you want to install Python yourself or have an old Mac OS X version, etc.