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    11= Installing GSAS-II on Linux systems =
    3 To date we have done a bit of testing with Linux, but there are a lot of different Linux releases out there and we don't have a lot of experience yet. (Contributions to this page are welcome). At present, we are distributing only binaries compatible with Python 2.7 and 64 bit linux. These files require the library, so you may need to install the gfortran compliler to get this library. For 32-bit linux, etc., you will likely need to compile for yourself (see "Compiling Fortran Code" below).
     3We do some testing of GSAS-II on Linux and it does work as far as we are aware (please do report problems), but with the wide variety of Linux dists, we cannot test installation on vary many.
     5We supply a single-step download and install option based on the Continuum, Inc. miniconda installer. See [LinuxSingleStepInstaller these instructions]. We have not yet heard from anyone who has problems with this, but are not sure of how much testing has been done.
     7Note that we distribute binaries that require the library. You should be able to install this for your system without installing the gfortran compliler, but details will vary with your flavor of Linux. Google ```fedora install libgfortran``` or the equivalent for hints.
     9== Installing the hard way ==
     11You may instead wish to use distribution-supplied builds of Python and packages. Be sure to use Python 2.7. You will have to do this for 32-bit Linux. Also, if you want to build the binary files, you will need to install gfortran (see "Compiling Fortran Code" below).
    513== Overview ==