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Installing GSAS-II via conda (Anaconda Python)

Python enthusiasts are likely quite familiar with the Anaconda package manager. GSAS-II can be installed using a simple conda command, after installing anaconda or miniconda. Note that Python 2.7 or 3.6+ can be used, but not all platforms/combinations have been tested. We recommend Python 3.7 at present. When this conda package is used, it ensures that the packages required by GSAS-II are installed, including subversion, and then subversion is used to download the latest version of GSAS-II from the APS server. This download will fail if your computer network requires a proxy more info on proxies here, but rerunning the command (see bottom of this page) will work after the proxy information is entered.

Use this command to install GSAS-II:

conda install gsas2pkg -c briantoby 

If you get an error that conda is an unknown command, this means anaconda/miniconda is not in your path (which is my recommended way to install anaconda) and you will need to first use the ananconda activate command:


source <condapath>/bin/activate



After the conda install completes, one of the following occurs:

  • On the Mac, an app is created that can be dragged to the doc (or create a shortcut to and drag that anywhere).
  • On Windows a desktop shortcut is created.
  • On Linux (at present) the command-line is needed to start GSAS-II:
    <condapath>/bin/python <condapath>/GSASII/

This mechanism has gotten some use since created (June 2018) and no problems have been reported, but feedback is welcome.

GSAS-II Updates

Note that updates to GSAS-II are not integrated into conda and are not coupled to the specific versions of Python packages you have loaded. To obtain the latest version GSAS-II (you are strongly recommended to update regularly) use the Help/Update menu command or rerun the script using this command:

<condapath>/bin/python <condapath>/GSASII/