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     1= GSAS-II with Python 3.x =
     3Here are some instructions for installing Python 3.6 for GSAS-II
     5== Windows ==
     7Install Miniconda from
     9Download and run the [ Miniconda3-latest-Windows-x86_64.exe] file. The installer will ask you to exit all applications. This is probably not needed but saving your work in all apps before continuing seems like a good idea.
     11 * You will need to accept the license agreement.
     13* Select "Just Me" unless you want to run Python from multiple accounts on your computer and are logged into an admin account. Use of "Just Me" is recommended.
     15* Select the installation location with some care. Avoid any path that contains a space in it (avoid ```C:\Users\Brian Toby\Miniconda3```). I suggest ```C:\conda3```. Make a note of the path you use and change subsequent commands to use this path if you use something else.
     17* Unselect both of the two "Advanced option" boxes unless you are planning to do your own development in Python and understand what they do.
     19* Click on "Install" and wait a few minutes while the minimal Python files are unpacked and are installed on your computer.
     21* On the Thanks page, you may want to unselect the two boxes, but do note that the Anaconda folks are doing a great service for science.
     23In the start menu, look for an Anaconda