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Calibration of an area detector in GSAS-II

In this demo, data collected with a GE(?) area detector, intentionally tilted at 45 degrees, are used

Step 1: download the data file from one of these links or

Step 2: start GSAS-II in the directory where you have placed that file

apsvisit24d:demo1 toby$ python ~/software/work/GSASII/
Available python module versions for GSASII:
python:      2.7.1
matplotlib:  1.0.1
numpy:       1.5.1
scipy:       0.9.0rc2
OpenGL:      3.0.1
Max threads  1

You should see two windows, both empty. One is labeled GSASII Plots, the other GSAS-II data tree. On Linux and Windows a menu bar appears on the latter window; on a Mac the menu is in the system location (usually at the screen top).

Step 3: read in the data file.

Use the Data/Read? image data menu item. Select the La_hex_+45deg-00015.tif data file and press Open.

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