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(edit) @5404   10 months toby new M1 binaries; merge mag phase in CIF
(edit) @5396   10 months toby work on windows builds
(edit) @5395   10 months toby work on windows builds
(edit) @5394   10 months toby add G2 version in browse; new allowed numpy array in .gpx
(edit) @5382   10 months toby scons: static builds
(edit) @5379   10 months toby reorg scons build: testing done (I hope)
(edit) @5378   10 months toby reorg scons build: testing
(edit) @5377   10 months toby reorg scons build: testing
(edit) @5376   10 months toby reorg scons build: testing
(edit) @5375   10 months toby reorg scons build: testing
(edit) @5374   10 months toby tweaks for gpx browser; remove spurious wx warning
(edit) @5373   10 months toby add .gpx browser
(edit) @5372   10 months vondreele fix texture refinement
(edit) @5371   10 months toby more ValidatedTxtCtrl? fixes: add timer update for expressions & fix …
(edit) @5370   10 months toby fix validatedTextCtrl; add sliders for contour thresholds
(edit) @5369   10 months toby Incorporate James Hester's updates for high angle FCJ
(edit) @5368   11 months toby fix validated textctrl bug that caused contents to revert; docs formatting
(edit) @5367   11 months toby NIST*LATTICE docs
(edit) @5366   11 months toby easy radiobutton API
(edit) @5365   11 months toby misc docs; new project exporter
(edit) @5364   11 months toby NIST*LATTICE api done for now; wait until binaries are built for …
(edit) @5363   11 months vondreele
(edit) @5362   11 months toby Laue Fringe bug fixes
(edit) @5361   11 months vondreele Add FWHM (L+G+Alpha+beta) resolution curves to TOF Instrument …
(edit) @5360   11 months toby note use of requests package (now optional); deal w/wx4.2.0 bug; save …
(edit) @5359   11 months vondreele fix Bruker brml reader for only one data area
(edit) @5358   11 months toby fix Bruker import validator
(edit) @5357   11 months toby backup partial NIST*LATTICE implementation
(edit) @5356   11 months toby minor cell merge fmt and NIST*LATTICE build changes
(edit) @5355   11 months toby start work on interfacing NIST*LATTICE
(edit) @5354   11 months vondreele remove "magnetic" O atom from possible magnetic ion lists from …
(edit) @5353   11 months toby deal with singular input for mag merge
(edit) @5352   11 months toby add ability to merge chem and magnetic phases in a quick CIF
(edit) @5351   11 months vondreele add simple importer for Bruker .brml powder data files.
(edit) @5350   11 months vondreele add O to magnetic atom table.
(edit) @5349   11 months vondreele add a fake magnetic form factor for neutral O = neutral Sc
(edit) @5348   11 months vondreele fix to cluster analysis plotting
(edit) @5346   12 months vondreele change cluster analysis plots so 2D PCA plot is shown in the 4 panel …
(edit) @5345   12 months vondreele Add 2D PCA plot option to cluster analysis display
(edit) @5344   12 months vondreele Add new plot to cluster analysis that shows serial distances across …
(edit) @5343   12 months vondreele fix issue with TOF data in getPawleydRange & remove an obviously not …
(edit) @5342   12 months toby Add option to highlight classes of reflections in Unit Cells List
(edit) @5341   12 months toby Pawley work: force dmin & max to be in range of data (now shown); show …
(edit) @5340   12 months vondreele Install Cluster Analysis tutorial into GSAS-II
(edit) @5338   12 months toby compute peak fit only when refined or edited
(edit) @5337   12 months toby compute peak fit only when there are peaks
(edit) @5336   12 months vondreele more fixes to cluster analysis
(edit) @5335   12 months toby add MagCIF reading to scripting
(edit) @5334   12 months vondreele fix to cluster analysis
(edit) @5333   12 months vondreele finish Cluster Analysis help pages.
(edit) @5332   13 months vondreele fix bugs & make changes to Cluster Analysis stuff & add new help text …
(edit) @5331   13 months vondreele add metrics to cluster analysis. cluster list now colored to match PCA …
(edit) @5330   13 months vondreele improvements to cluster analysis - data members & outlier members can …
(edit) @5329   13 months vondreele fix to MAR CCD hearer info reader
(edit) @5328   13 months toby fullrmc new paper update
(edit) @5326   13 months toby tutorials updates (fullrmc/rename profile fit)
(edit) @5325   13 months vondreele add outlier detection to cluster analysis - finds "bad data"
(edit) @5324   13 months toby add "create inst parm" to tutorial
(edit) @5323   13 months vondreele improvements to cluster analysis
(edit) @5322   13 months vondreele improvements to scipy cluster analysis & start on Scikit-learn version
(edit) @5321   13 months toby add fullrmc tutorial (finally)
(edit) @5320   13 months toby more fullrmc work (all but swaps done?); misc docs fixes
(edit) @5319   14 months vondreele fixs & improvements to cluster analysis
(edit) @5318   14 months vondreele Good 1st version of cluster analysis; missing docs
(edit) @5317   14 months toby fullrmc updates
(edit) @5316   14 months vondreele Add DifB, sig-q, gam-q to RMCProfile .ins file fo ruse by RMCProfile
(edit) @5315   14 months toby force progress % to int in old ProgressDialog?
(edit) @5314   14 months toby force progress % to int in old ProgressDialog?
(edit) @5313   14 months toby bypass RMCprofile ionic species bug; start on rigid body fullrmc …
(edit) @5312   14 months vondreele Improvements to REFD GUI: added spinners on roughness & thickness; …
(edit) @5311   15 months vondreele Add Make CSV from table to the Reflection List menu.
(edit) @5310   15 months vondreele fix spelling error for EFtables (not "ELtables") in SeqRefine?
(edit) @5309   15 months vondreele Add EFtable to list of returned items from G2strIO.GetPhaseData? every …
(edit) @5308   15 months vondreele fix ZERO sign in MakeInst? for RMCProfile
(edit) @5307   15 months vondreele add micro-ED support. New electron scattering tables, new histogram …
(edit) @5306   15 months toby collect atoms & fullrmc fixes
(edit) @5305   15 months toby constraints fix
(edit) @5304   15 months vondreele minor tweaks to mag calcs fix but in LeBail? refinements
(edit) @5303   15 months toby export peaks to PreDICT
(edit) @5302   15 months toby Thicken dashed blue line for extinct reflections
(edit) @5301   16 months toby Add option to show extinction reflections to Index Cells List display; …
(edit) @5300   16 months toby more doc fixes
(edit) @5299   16 months toby LaTeX fix for docs
(edit) @5298   16 months toby add table of variables to sphinx docs from GSASIIobj.CompileVarDesc?() …
(edit) @5297   16 months vondreele ix format of LeBail? zero cycle result popup revisions to incomm. mag. …
(edit) @5296   16 months toby Start on fullrmc fixes
(edit) @5295   16 months vondreele fix for missing "grid window" (or "GridWindow?").
(edit) @5294   16 months vondreele fix vacancy x-ray form factor coeff; fc shouldn't be a list!
(edit) @5293   16 months vondreele fix bugs in computing partials, zero cycle refines & covar matrix …
(edit) @5292   16 months toby fix bug in plotting peak list
(edit) @5291   16 months vondreele add new menu item to Calculate: "Save partials as csv" Simplify GUI …
(edit) @5290   16 months vondreele fix to non 'analytical Hessian'; add 'num cyc' to results[2].
(edit) @5289   16 months vondreele fix undoubled escape sequences in line 1442
(edit) @5288   16 months toby add routines to install gsl and/or diffpy.pdffit2, possibly in a …
(edit) @5287   16 months vondreele improvements to zero cycle refinement & partial calcs.
(edit) @5285   16 months toby multiple PDFfit2 changes; seems to work well on Windows w/3.7, 3.8 & 3.9
(edit) @5284   16 months vondreele fix so partials are made only if there are more than one phase in a …
(edit) @5283   16 months vondreele implement partials for TOF, pink & EDS
(edit) @5282   16 months vondreele fixes to partial plots
(edit) @5281   16 months toby start putting paths into PDFfit script
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