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(edit) @4987   17 months toby duplicate Seq->csv export; set svn proxy from environment variables
(edit) @4986   17 months vondreele change slider controls for Plot Controls - add editable value field.
(edit) @4985   17 months vondreele fix mag sp gp special pos determination for P3m1 & P321 mag groups.
(edit) @4984   17 months vondreele fix excluded regions for q- & d-plots
(edit) @4983   17 months toby fix initialization problem when EQUIV are changed to constraints; …
(edit) @4982   17 months toby fix check on non-zero multipliers
(edit) @4981   17 months vondreele modify mag str fctr math. fix bug in PlotCovariance? - labels needed to …
(edit) @4980   17 months toby Fix coeff. display for EQUIV
(edit) @4979   17 months vondreele add new function UpdateSelection?() to G2TreeCtrl, used it in a few …
(edit) @4978   18 months vondreele fix to UpdateHKLFdata to include sg extinct flag for each reflection
(edit) @4977   18 months vondreele fix bad crash (blown out of python!) in OnDataDelete?. Remove CallAfter?
(edit) @4976   18 months toby Mac M1 changes
(edit) @4974   18 months vondreele fix single crystal merge routines (missing Instrument Parameters) add …
(edit) @4973   18 months vondreele fix wx.pyValidator error
(edit) @4972   18 months vondreele hide intensity related variables & set their refinement flags to False …
(edit) @4971   18 months vondreele
(edit) @4970   18 months vondreele fix PlotAAProb bugs - leftover pickradius & an xpos error fix scale …
(edit) @4969   18 months toby move hist/phase docs to Phase/Data? section; cleanup
(edit) @4968   18 months toby finish hist/phase tree entry; create new help file for it(incomplete)
(edit) @4967   18 months vondreele rearrange atom editing menus
(edit) @4966   18 months vondreele revise help items - new enties
(edit) @4965   18 months toby start work on option to move Phase/Data? to 1st level in tree
(edit) @4964   18 months toby divide up help into a few files
(edit) @4963   18 months vondreele
(edit) @4960   18 months vondreele update documentation for "Texture implementation"
(edit) @4959   18 months toby add NIST spectrum kludge for incident beam mono
(edit) @4958   18 months vondreele put floor onn histogram scale = 1e-4 (might be too big?) set …
(edit) @4957   18 months vondreele remove "Reflection list not ready" message; set GeneralData?['Data plot …
(edit) @4956   18 months vondreele fix tif reader bug for old gpx files.
(edit) @4955   18 months toby allow for different size fonts in CIF entry
(edit) @4954   18 months toby minor fullrmc improvements from Bachir, etc.
(edit) @4953   18 months toby fix fullrmc rmax bug
(edit) @4952   18 months toby switch to native fullrmc input modes rather than convert files
(edit) @4951   18 months toby working fullrmc implementation. Much more to do (see TODO in phsGUI), …
(edit) @4950   18 months vondreele remove aspect='eual' from a plot contour call - no longer allowed put …
(edit) @4924   18 months vondreele fix texture coordinate system description
(edit) @4922   18 months toby improve version notice display
(edit) @4921   18 months vondreele make version info number match new version number (it was one less).
(edit) @4920   18 months vondreele fix import of 2nd type of Pilatus images.
(edit) @4919   18 months vondreele change powder peak shape functions to include effect of varying step …
(edit) @4918   18 months toby add mechanism for posting a notice when G2 versions are updated
(edit) @4917   18 months toby split G2 & pillow readers for TIF; document
(edit) @4916   19 months toby fix Map OnPeaksMove? bug
(edit) @4915   19 months vondreele add some doc strings for profile functions in G2pwd rename …
(edit) @4914   19 months toby ignore & highlight bad General Restraints; minor GUI fixes
(edit) @4913   19 months toby Add mult, divide & incr. options to GridFracEdit?; make GridFracEdit?
(edit) @4912   19 months toby allow , decimal in ValidatedTextCtrl?; Use ValidatedTextCtrl? in …
(edit) @4911   19 months toby implement european decimal (,) for grid fraction editor; use it for …
(edit) @4910   19 months vondreele Add Wilson statistics to Reflection list menu - computes Wilson plot, …
(edit) @4909   19 months toby fix CIF exports
(edit) @4908   19 months toby fix deleting of restraints
(edit) @4907   19 months vondreele use eigenvalue/vector math to find molecule orientation in onSetPlane
(edit) @4906   19 months vondreele
(edit) @4905   19 months toby fix delete for general; flag constraints where vars are removed
(edit) @4904   19 months toby for in-refinement plotting, get data limits for plotted histogram; …
(edit) @4903   19 months vondreele fix 2 issues in HessianLSQ for SVN LinAlgErrors? fix a typo in G2plot …
(edit) @4901   19 months toby add TOF corrections on read in scripts
(edit) @4900   19 months vondreele show space group info even if not changed in General tab - wasn't any …
(edit) @4899   19 months vondreele use ValidatedTxtCtrl? in MultiDataDialog? Let ValidatedTxtCtrl? use …
(edit) @4898   19 months toby NIST requests to pretty up FPA
(edit) @4897   19 months vondreele use our validatedtxtctrl for float input to MultiDataDialog?. Allows …
(edit) @4896   19 months toby minor updates powder plot help
(edit) @4895   19 months toby allow w to be on before publish; update powder plot help
(edit) @4894   20 months toby bug on aborted refinement; more on FPA
(edit) @4893   20 months toby FPA: add extra Save button (perhaps original should be removed)
(edit) @4892   20 months toby missed inage change; FPA: as per Cline, 5 line (4 w/mono) now default; …
(edit) @4890   20 months vondreele use os.path.dirname(filename) instead of G2G.GetImportPath? for iparm …
(edit) @4889   20 months toby do not change image formatName
(edit) @4888   20 months vondreele define Uani as 1/3 trace of diagonalized U matrix in export cif
(edit) @4887   20 months toby deal with 0 on elem sym; save binary path; support ..._exec in config
(edit) @4886   20 months vondreele fix reference to masked arrays x,yobs.…
(edit) @4885   20 months vondreele insert missing '\' in docs correct Sm154 neutron scattering length …
(edit) @4884   20 months toby add all cell params to CIF when Dij values are used
(edit) @4883   20 months toby CIF multiblock export: set temperature in Phase
(edit) @4882   20 months toby new routine: getCellSU
(edit) @4881   20 months vondreele color nonpositive definita thermal parameters in red in Atom list
(edit) @4880   20 months toby implement constraints in scriptable, part 3; misc docs fixes
(edit) @4879   20 months toby implement constraints in scriptable, part 2
(edit) @4878   20 months toby implement constraints in scriptable, part 1
(edit) @4877   20 months toby fix read w/blank name
(edit) @4876   20 months toby fix cell offsets in CIF export
(edit) @4875   20 months vondreele Add Nvar to Notebook entry for LS refinement result
(edit) @4874   20 months toby fix flag on new file
(edit) @4873   20 months toby add tutorial to index/web page
(edit) @4872   20 months toby export project to giant ASCII file; add CIF tutorial; set misc svn flags
(edit) @4871   20 months toby normalized plotting: reset scale
(edit) @4870   20 months toby problem with limits applied to plotting of wrong histogram; add …
(edit) @4869   20 months toby .Raise() is causing crashes, use only on wx.Dialog or wx.Frame
(edit) @4868   20 months toby fix back print issue + some CIF fixes
(edit) @4867   21 months vondreele fixes to incommensurate structure refinement
(edit) @4866   21 months vondreele monoclinic indexing returns proper reduced cells
(edit) @4865   21 months vondreele fixes to monoclinic A,C,I centered cell indexing (still need to do P) …
(edit) @4864   21 months vondreele proper fix to bond restraint bug
(edit) @4863   21 months vondreele fix 2 bugs in macromolecular restraints
(edit) @4862   21 months vondreele add A-centered monoclinic to list of indexable lattices. Fix a number …
(edit) @4861   21 months toby fix Bob's RB constraint fix
(edit) @4860   21 months vondreele change titles & labels for shift/esd plot since it plots intiial …
(edit) @4859   21 months vondreele use new symmetry constraint scheme in MakeRBParms
(edit) @4858   21 months vondreele undo "fix" to covariance plot y-axis tick labels
(edit) @4857   21 months vondreele Add new button to Covariance page - Show last shift/esd bar plot Add …
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