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(edit) @4796   3 years vondreele patch for missing 'Gain map' data item
(edit) @4795   3 years toby work on docs
(edit) @4794   3 years toby work on docs
(edit) @4793   3 years toby work on docs
(edit) @4792   3 years toby check in changes to allow cctbx to use DoIndexPeaks and !refinePeaks
(edit) @4791   3 years toby docs chapter numbering
(edit) @4790   3 years vondreele fix aspect for hkl plots - reflections now circles independent of …
(edit) @4789   3 years toby switch to new HessianLSQ; Ouch#4 msg in GUI; misc wx4.1 fixes; docs …
(edit) @4788   3 years vondreele a bit more cleanup of toolbar
(edit) @4787   3 years vondreele cleanup of toolbar handling - for mpl 3.3.2 at least. remove …
(edit) @4786   3 years vondreele use set_box_aspect to make 3D plot scales correct. one in four places. …
(edit) @4785   3 years toby new table for text w/sorting
(edit) @4784   3 years toby more help prose
(edit) @4783   3 years toby wx4.1 updates; new CIF data item; scripting: peak fit details …
(edit) @4782   3 years toby scripting fix; wx4.1 RB fixes
(edit) @4781   3 years vondreele 2D map contouring now fixed for matplotlib 3.3.2 - should work for …
(edit) @4780   3 years toby separate hard & SVD singularities, new code in not …
(edit) @4770   3 years vondreele reinstitute final call to Hess after convergence - required for proper esds
(edit) @4767   3 years vondreele comment out recalculatin if LS matrix after convergence - faster LS …
(edit) @4766   3 years vondreele modify atom labeling routine to allow specified offset as wx.RealPoint?
(edit) @4765   3 years toby MPL 3.3.x fix; scripting docs
(edit) @4764   3 years toby HessianLSQ: force vars to float; small wx 4.1 fixes; scriptable: more …
(edit) @4763   3 years vondreele cleanup tif import for PIL use - remove commented lines move …
(edit) @4762   3 years vondreele fix TIF importer for bad images that use PIL/pillow instead.
(edit) @4761   3 years toby refinements with no variables or no cycles
(edit) @4760   3 years toby fix zero cycle bug
(edit) @4759   3 years toby wx4.1 & mpl3.3 fixes
(edit) @4756   3 years toby more mac work
(edit) @4754   3 years toby new approach for MacOS AppleScripting?
(edit) @4752   3 years vondreele add scattering density to status bar when P/N are selected for …
(edit) @4749   3 years toby fine-tune Mac installer for 11.0
(edit) @4741   3 years toby deal with install python not matching target system
(edit) @4740   3 years toby more install work
(edit) @4736   3 years toby more install work
(edit) @4735   3 years vondreele reduce printed precision of bon valence sum from 3 to 2. connect +/- …
(edit) @4733   3 years toby add placeholder
(edit) @4732   3 years toby workarounds for missing files
(edit) @4731   3 years toby add file to binary directories so that conda-build keeps them
(edit) @4725   3 years toby add ScriptEditor? save to makeMacApp
(edit) @4724   3 years toby add Big Sur patch for OpenGL.GL bug
(edit) @4723   3 years vondreele add automatic valence bond sum calculator to dist/angle calculator in …
(edit) @4720   3 years vondreele trimmed some plot k-box commands; they blocked the 2nd status line box
(edit) @4719   3 years vondreele add number/cell to site fraction apportion routine
(edit) @4717   3 years toby remove mpl 3.3 warning
(edit) @4713   3 years toby more installer work; xmgrace enhance from Carlo
(edit) @4712   3 years vondreele fix plotting of image limit ellipses - wrong call (GetDetectorXY) …
(edit) @4711   3 years toby remove fellipse, not used for a long time
(edit) @4709   3 years vondreele new (BT mostly) version of HessianLSQ & additions; fix nan problem in …
(edit) @4699   3 years toby improve refinement warnings
(edit) @4698   3 years vondreele forgot the 'color' change for gain map
(edit) @4697   3 years vondreele move superminusone definition to header block in G2pwdrGUI replace …
(edit) @4695   3 years toby back out zero xfer
(edit) @4694   3 years toby Cell test: update reflection positions after zero or Bravais change
(edit) @4693   3 years toby updates to math_new after testing; improve output
(edit) @4692   3 years vondreele improve gain map calc - more steps for integration step
(edit) @4691   3 years toby major updates to trial version of HessianLSQ
(edit) @4690   3 years toby major updates to trial version of HessianLSQ
(edit) @4689   3 years vondreele fix formatting issues on Covariance tab
(edit) @4688   3 years toby correct setting of singular vars in old HessianLSQ
(edit) @4687   3 years toby Add e key for excluded region creation; switch to hist in tree after m …
(edit) @4686   3 years vondreele fix bug in fix background file handling
(edit) @4685   3 years vondreele Add gain map calculator
(edit) @4683   3 years toby include trial version of G2math with reworked HessianLSQ
(edit) @4682   3 years toby improve refinement messages; help info
(edit) @4681   3 years toby density format corrected
(edit) @4680   3 years toby add UTF to; covariance: add reduced Chi2 & help button; …
(edit) @4674   3 years vondreele fix background fitting from fixed points - now will also fir fixed …
(edit) @4672   3 years vondreele remove all wx.ALIGN from wx Add with wx.EXPAND - invalid combination …
(edit) @4671   3 years vondreele add refinable multiplier for a fixed background; multiplier is now …
(edit) @4670   3 years vondreele change Tc-98 to Tc-99
(edit) @4669   3 years vondreele Add '?' help button to upper right for phase tabs General, etc.
(edit) @4668   3 years toby updates to refinement options
(edit) @4667   3 years vondreele Add '?' help button to upper right hand corner of various PWDR data …
(edit) @4666   3 years vondreele Add output of resonant neutron scattering lengths for CW powder & …
(edit) @4665   3 years toby fix Circle() picking; remove unneeded diagnostic from LSQ error
(edit) @4664   3 years toby pretty up Controls panel; add & update help
(edit) @4663   3 years vondreele remove unused line
(edit) @4662   3 years toby improve error message
(edit) @4661   3 years toby update CIF export: add rigid body, fix bug in single xtal ref tbl; …
(edit) @4660   3 years vondreele Add atom site fraction calculator for 2 atom shared sites
(edit) @4659   3 years toby extensive Origin 1->2 updates; merge SetupGeneral? into a single …
(edit) @4658   3 years toby implement package version checking; fix broken mpl pick code
(edit) @4657   3 years toby fix CIF bug with excluded points
(edit) @4656   3 years vondreele double up escape '\AA' in G2files. Adjust slice transparency
(edit) @4655   3 years toby minor sphinx-related fixes
(edit) @4654   3 years toby new video tutorial; misc minor RB GUI fixes for Windows; option to …
(edit) @4653   3 years vondreele replace picker=float val to pickradius= float val; old use deprecated. …
(edit) @4652   3 years vondreele fix colormap problem for mpl 3.3
(edit) @4651   3 years vondreele problem with "generalized" mustrain for R3 now fixed.The S301 term …
(edit) @4650   3 years vondreele fix the 'N' & 'P' key operation in structure drawings. They now …
(edit) @4649   3 years toby showslice not defined in older GPXs
(edit) @4648   3 years vondreele replace _active with AnyActive? & GetActive? in GSASIItoolbar.
(edit) @4647   3 years vondreele fix escape seq in G2ctrlGUI add defaults for map slice color contours; …
(edit) @4646   3 years vondreele fix bug in slice plot selector 'k'
(edit) @4645   3 years toby more workarounds for Mac svn checksum problem
(edit) @4644   3 years toby fix seq table w/old gpx
(edit) @4643   3 years vondreele fix last few escape sequences in G2obj
(edit) @4641   3 years vondreele add color contouring to map slice display. Will plot lines, colors or …
(edit) @4640   3 years toby workarounds for Mac svn checksum problem
(edit) @4639   3 years toby reset plot when changing between data types, cleanup
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