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(edit) @4348   4 years vondreele Detail work on various RMC plots - getting titles & axes labels correct
(edit) @4347   4 years vondreele restrict G(R) plots to Rmax - sphere enclosed by big box model in …
(edit) @4346   4 years toby implement additional proxy access (documented in …
(edit) @4345   4 years toby Add more image settings to preferences; prevent save of …
(edit) @4344   4 years vondreele
(edit) @4343   4 years toby deal with exporters sharing extension in autointegration
(edit) @4342   4 years vondreele correct scale factor for xray .bragg file try 1/w for xray real space …
(edit) @4341   4 years vondreele use size & mustrain correctly in making RMCProfile .inst file
(edit) @4340   4 years vondreele change http to https for Bilbao web side - works better via eduroam, etc.
(edit) @4339   4 years toby set svn flags; improve compare F-test & add info & covariance plot
(edit) @4338   4 years vondreele fix bug in integrate when no spot mask default set up.
(edit) @4337   4 years vondreele add 'Va' for vacancy to valence table skip 'Va' atoms in partials …
(edit) @4336   4 years toby new docs section
(edit) @4335   4 years toby add autoInt routine, add f-test; updates for documentation
(edit) @4334   4 years vondreele make new f(q) & g(r) files suitable for RMCProfile. The g(r) == PDF. …
(edit) @4333   4 years vondreele work on spot masking; change some text, menu names, etc. Add menu item …
(edit) @4332   4 years vondreele faster build of spot mask spot masks now work in integrate all
(edit) @4330   4 years vondreele Added RMCProfile-II to list of tutorials fix a crash problem in …
(edit) @4328   4 years vondreele Add FITTED_SCALE to RMCprofile options fix issues with changing atom …
(edit) @4327   4 years toby misc doc updates
(edit) @4326   4 years toby initialize exports before histogram export
(edit) @4325   4 years vondreele small RMCProfile fixes New auto spot mask version - works
(edit) @4324   4 years vondreele revised auto spot finder; set default esdMul = 3 everywhere try …
(edit) @4323   4 years vondreele fixes to ave & fixed CN constraint for RMCProfile
(edit) @4322   4 years vondreele fic Compare plots; some overwritten by mistake
(edit) @4321   4 years vondreele correct G(R) partials for atom fraction & scattering length
(edit) @4320   4 years toby still more minor doc adjustments
(edit) @4319   4 years toby remove plot debug code
(edit) @4318   4 years toby minor table adjustments & finally figure out Angstrom for LaTeX and …
(edit) @4317   4 years vondreele make esd multiplier for spot mask search a float add timing to it
(edit) @4316   4 years vondreele slight streamline of AutoSpotMask2 - a bit faster
(edit) @4315   4 years vondreele more fixes to documentation tables.
(edit) @4314   4 years vondreele
(edit) @4313   4 years toby giving up, LaTeX Angstrom symbol does not work in equations
(edit) @4312   4 years toby Fix LaTeX Angstrom symbol for MathJaX again
(edit) @4311   4 years toby Fix LaTeX Angstrom symbol for MathJaX
(edit) @4310   4 years toby remove Angstrom symbol. MathJaX fix fails in LaTeX
(edit) @4309   4 years toby more work on docs
(edit) @4308   4 years vondreele revisions to docs - set columns at tabs, fix up Instrument parms
(edit) @4307   4 years toby pretty up docs
(edit) @4306   4 years vondreele major doc edits
(edit) @4305   4 years toby improve docs
(edit) @4304   4 years toby add sample broadening to scriptable
(edit) @4303   4 years toby fix scriptable for multiple image files and xfer correction in @4286
(edit) @4302   4 years vondreele full implementation of the new spotmask finder.
(edit) @4301   4 years toby initialize SpotMask? for image import
(edit) @4300   4 years toby fix problem with missing SpotMask? entry
(edit) @4299   4 years vondreele new spot mask algorithm - it is slow but works
(edit) @4298   4 years toby put data items into legend, but make that optional; fix publication …
(edit) @4297   4 years vondreele fix bug in tetrahedral compare code
(edit) @4295   4 years vondreele fix crash on zero cycles ( a simulation)
(edit) @4294   4 years vondreele remove obs, calc, etc. from display plot legend - caused problems in …
(edit) @4293   4 years vondreele fix plotting crash during refinement.
(edit) @4292   4 years vondreele disable Compare unless phase is P 1.
(edit) @4291   4 years vondreele new tool in Phase/General? - Compare: compares (P 1 only) structures to …
(edit) @4290   4 years vondreele fix Bilbao-GSAS-II connection; use get instead of post in …
(edit) @4289   4 years vondreele start on 'Compare' for comparison of bonding polyhedra between phases …
(edit) @4288   4 years vondreele add import of Dectris Eiger 1M tif images
(edit) @4287   4 years vondreele Add obs, calc, etc. to PWDR plot legends
(edit) @4286   4 years vondreele remove some IPyBreaks fix reading of hdf5 & applying a dark image - …
(edit) @4285   4 years vondreele fix assemble molecule - need list not range
(edit) @4273   4 years vondreele fixup RMCProfile-I tutorial titles
(edit) @4272   4 years vondreele fix some directory references add RMCProfile-I tutorial to tutorial menu
(edit) @4270   4 years vondreele set default directories to G2frame.LastGPXdir or result from …
(edit) @4269   4 years vondreele clear out old bond files before next run of RMCProfile fix conversion …
(edit) @4268   4 years vondreele fixes to RMCProfile - GSAS-II stuff. works with x-ray F(Q), etc.
(edit) @4267   4 years vondreele add element "Va" for vacancy with small radius, & zero scattering factors
(edit) @4266   4 years toby add patches for Python 2.7
(edit) @4265   4 years vondreele add bond direction plots to RMCProfile results
(edit) @4264   4 years vondreele Add swap atoms to RMCProfile stuff Handle vacancies
(edit) @4263   4 years vondreele major revision of RMCProfile GUI - now shows in data window instead of …
(edit) @4262   4 years toby start of project comparison tool
(edit) @4254   4 years vondreele more RMCProfile setup stuff added
(edit) @4253   4 years vondreele changes to RMCProfile stuff short cut the find unique for P 1 space group
(edit) @4249   4 years toby fix bug version in PIL/pillow
(edit) @4248   4 years vondreele changes to RMCProfile GUI now saves settings diff curve for G(R) plot …
(edit) @4241   4 years toby fix for reading .pwdrbck files
(edit) @4239   4 years toby fix multi-image use in scripts; work on 32-bit windows build
(edit) @4238   4 years toby more install fixes: add error message
(edit) @4237   4 years vondreele simplify rmcprofile.bat
(edit) @4236   4 years vondreele remove dependence on fullrmc existing rearrange RMC options fixes to …
(edit) @4235   4 years toby minor install changes
(edit) @4234   4 years toby Cleanup registry stuff
(edit) @4230   4 years toby more work on gsas2full build
(edit) @4229   4 years vondreele simplify formation of PWDR/SASD/REFD keybox option menus.
(edit) @4228   4 years vondreele Weight plots now work for dPlot & qPlot in single and multiplots
(edit) @4225   4 years toby Revise windows batch file creation for paths with spaces
(edit) @4224   4 years vondreele put try/except around Plot.set_aspect(aspect='equal'). It worked in …
(edit) @4223   4 years vondreele trap the C++ error on getting a tree item
(edit) @4222   4 years toby Py3 bug fix
(edit) @4221   4 years vondreele more RMCProfile enhancements
(edit) @4220   4 years vondreele swap order of binds in ValidatedTextCtrl? - might work better?routines …
(edit) @4219   4 years toby add kludge for sphinx 1.8.5 build
(edit) @4213   4 years toby multiple small changes to allow docs build under 3.x
(edit) @4211   4 years toby add, correcting for assumed error in XScattDen
(edit) @4210   4 years vondreele fix bad DifC name in MakeInst? Add start on MakeRMCPdat routine - makes …
(edit) @4209   4 years vondreele Add file dialog to help with RMCProfile View option
(edit) @4208   4 years vondreele Set phase name from rmc6f importer = imported file name & set default …
(edit) @4207   4 years toby add density to scripting
(edit) @4206   4 years vondreele add importer for phase from RMCProfile rmc6f file - structure result …
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