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(edit) @4299   3 years vondreele new spot mask algorithm - it is slow but works
(edit) @4298   3 years toby put data items into legend, but make that optional; fix publication …
(edit) @4297   3 years vondreele fix bug in tetrahedral compare code
(edit) @4295   3 years vondreele fix crash on zero cycles ( a simulation)
(edit) @4294   3 years vondreele remove obs, calc, etc. from display plot legend - caused problems in …
(edit) @4293   3 years vondreele fix plotting crash during refinement.
(edit) @4292   3 years vondreele disable Compare unless phase is P 1.
(edit) @4291   3 years vondreele new tool in Phase/General? - Compare: compares (P 1 only) structures to …
(edit) @4290   3 years vondreele fix Bilbao-GSAS-II connection; use get instead of post in …
(edit) @4289   3 years vondreele start on 'Compare' for comparison of bonding polyhedra between phases …
(edit) @4288   3 years vondreele add import of Dectris Eiger 1M tif images
(edit) @4287   3 years vondreele Add obs, calc, etc. to PWDR plot legends
(edit) @4286   3 years vondreele remove some IPyBreaks fix reading of hdf5 & applying a dark image - …
(edit) @4285   3 years vondreele fix assemble molecule - need list not range
(edit) @4273   3 years vondreele fixup RMCProfile-I tutorial titles
(edit) @4272   3 years vondreele fix some directory references add RMCProfile-I tutorial to tutorial menu
(edit) @4270   3 years vondreele set default directories to G2frame.LastGPXdir or result from …
(edit) @4269   3 years vondreele clear out old bond files before next run of RMCProfile fix conversion …
(edit) @4268   3 years vondreele fixes to RMCProfile - GSAS-II stuff. works with x-ray F(Q), etc.
(edit) @4267   3 years vondreele add element "Va" for vacancy with small radius, & zero scattering factors
(edit) @4266   3 years toby add patches for Python 2.7
(edit) @4265   3 years vondreele add bond direction plots to RMCProfile results
(edit) @4264   3 years vondreele Add swap atoms to RMCProfile stuff Handle vacancies
(edit) @4263   3 years vondreele major revision of RMCProfile GUI - now shows in data window instead of …
(edit) @4262   3 years toby start of project comparison tool
(edit) @4254   3 years vondreele more RMCProfile setup stuff added
(edit) @4253   3 years vondreele changes to RMCProfile stuff short cut the find unique for P 1 space group
(edit) @4249   3 years toby fix bug version in PIL/pillow
(edit) @4248   3 years vondreele changes to RMCProfile GUI now saves settings diff curve for G(R) plot …
(edit) @4241   3 years toby fix for reading .pwdrbck files
(edit) @4239   3 years toby fix multi-image use in scripts; work on 32-bit windows build
(edit) @4238   3 years toby more install fixes: add error message
(edit) @4237   3 years vondreele simplify rmcprofile.bat
(edit) @4236   3 years vondreele remove dependence on fullrmc existing rearrange RMC options fixes to …
(edit) @4235   3 years toby minor install changes
(edit) @4234   3 years toby Cleanup registry stuff
(edit) @4230   3 years toby more work on gsas2full build
(edit) @4229   3 years vondreele simplify formation of PWDR/SASD/REFD keybox option menus.
(edit) @4228   3 years vondreele Weight plots now work for dPlot & qPlot in single and multiplots
(edit) @4225   3 years toby Revise windows batch file creation for paths with spaces
(edit) @4224   3 years vondreele put try/except around Plot.set_aspect(aspect='equal'). It worked in …
(edit) @4223   3 years vondreele trap the C++ error on getting a tree item
(edit) @4222   3 years toby Py3 bug fix
(edit) @4221   3 years vondreele more RMCProfile enhancements
(edit) @4220   3 years vondreele swap order of binds in ValidatedTextCtrl? - might work better?routines …
(edit) @4219   3 years toby add kludge for sphinx 1.8.5 build
(edit) @4213   3 years toby multiple small changes to allow docs build under 3.x
(edit) @4211   3 years toby add, correcting for assumed error in XScattDen
(edit) @4210   3 years vondreele fix bad DifC name in MakeInst? Add start on MakeRMCPdat routine - makes …
(edit) @4209   3 years vondreele Add file dialog to help with RMCProfile View option
(edit) @4208   3 years vondreele Set phase name from rmc6f importer = imported file name & set default …
(edit) @4207   3 years toby add density to scripting
(edit) @4206   3 years vondreele add importer for phase from RMCProfile rmc6f file - structure result …
(edit) @4205   3 years toby try to fix RTD table wrapping, see …
(edit) @4204   3 years vondreele Fix bad code in MakeBack?
(edit) @4203   3 years toby Add close and composition to G2scriptable; more doc updates
(edit) @4202   3 years vondreele fix check for chebyschev-1 in RMC MakeBack? routine.
(edit) @4201   3 years vondreele add new chebyschev-1 background function; matches that from old gsas. …
(edit) @4200   3 years vondreele Add visualization of RMCProfile results, i.e. G(R), S(Q), partials, …
(edit) @4199   4 years vondreele enhance MakeRMC6f for RMCProfile
(edit) @4198   4 years toby doc improvements; new scripting options (rev. sequential & set …
(edit) @4197   4 years vondreele put reference to Cromer & Liberman in Absorb & Fprime as well as …
(edit) @4196   4 years vondreele ad fullrmc dialog for set up comment out & skip W plot update for …
(edit) @4195   4 years vondreele add a find utility to GSASIIfiles for finding a file within a …
(edit) @4194   4 years vondreele fix bug in absorption calc for TOF fix bug if Cancel from default …
(edit) @4193   4 years vondreele fix comment lines so easier to see in spyder outline use a dummy …
(edit) @4192   4 years vondreele fix OnFileReopen?; broke when some file were deleted beforehand Some …
(edit) @4191   4 years vondreele put in dummy phase tab & menu for fullrmc partial implementation of …
(edit) @4190   4 years vondreele add sample parameters to PWDR csv export file
(edit) @4189   4 years vondreele revert back on progress bar change
(edit) @4188   4 years vondreele try to make refine progress bar stay on top
(edit) @4187   4 years toby Add dummy flag for scripted simulations; fix command line file read on Mac
(edit) @4186   4 years vondreele replace 'next' (reserved word) with 'prev' in OnGPXKetDown
(edit) @4185   4 years vondreele mag math again
(edit) @4184   4 years toby fix GPX files with a colour object in them
(edit) @4183   4 years vondreele moe mg.
(edit) @4182   4 years vondreele mag. str. fctr. changes
(edit) @4181   4 years vondreele one more small improvement in integration speed
(edit) @4180   4 years vondreele reoptimize integration block size; now 128 seems fastest (was 256 but …
(edit) @4179   4 years vondreele a bit more speedup for polarization correction
(edit) @4178   4 years vondreele precalculate polarization for image integration - faster
(edit) @4177   4 years toby fix index when a phase has a non-standard spg
(edit) @4176   4 years vondreele best mag ss sf calc for DyMn6Ge6
(edit) @4175   4 years vondreele fix transform for abc* matrix transposed; fix rounding issue fro …
(edit) @4174   4 years vondreele mag ssg fixes
(edit) @4173   4 years vondreele mag ss fixes
(edit) @4172   4 years vondreele fix to SS operator printing
(edit) @4171   4 years vondreele update SHAPES reference & standardize all doi references
(edit) @4170   4 years vondreele fix printing of symmetry operators on console for super symmetries
(edit) @4169   4 years vondreele mag st fr
(edit) @4168   4 years vondreele also put 2nd setting warning upon import
(edit) @4167   4 years vondreele add 2nd setting warning avoid a bug in pair distributioon plots (small …
(edit) @4166   4 years vondreele fixes to Dysnomia for TOF data
(edit) @4165   4 years vondreele fix Dysnomia bug for TOF data - array indexing issue remove unused mag …
(edit) @4164   4 years vondreele avoid Dysnomia choice for single crystal data - makes no sense
(edit) @4163   4 years vondreele more mag.
(edit) @4162   4 years toby more doc fixes
(edit) @4161   4 years toby doc fixes
(edit) @4160   4 years vondreele mag stuff again
(edit) @4159   4 years vondreele
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