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(edit) @4123   2 years vondreele
(edit) @4122   2 years vondreele Add new CifFile?
(edit) @4121   2 years vondreele
(edit) @4120   2 years toby scripting: add reflection gen; check formatting
(edit) @4119   2 years toby add reflection output in scripting
(edit) @4118   2 years vondreele new import routine for Rigaku powder data .ras files
(edit) @4115   2 years vondreele fix math error in making esd on d-spacing in exported single peak fit …
(edit) @4114   2 years vondreele Add status bar message about save of SHAPES PDB file
(edit) @4113   2 years vondreele add save SHAPES bead models as pdb files from plot - remove option to …
(edit) @4112   2 years vondreele subject image read time messages to debug control
(edit) @4111   2 years toby move GetPhaseData? inside histogram loop so sym constraints are …
(edit) @4110   2 years vondreele fix main & plot saved size issue
(edit) @4109   2 years vondreele allow recalibrate of image without any parameters fix ellipse problem …
(edit) @4108   2 years toby add plotting of rings & ring picks; load parms into each image
(edit) @4107   2 years vondreele put covar matrix in Covariance from multi-dist recalibrate
(edit) @4106   2 years vondreele fixes so plots are correct for SHAPES fitting
(edit) @4105   2 years toby new mode for combined fit of wavelength to a set of images
(edit) @4104   2 years toby new mode for combined fit of wavelength to a set of images
(edit) @4103   2 years vondreele get Pair distribution plot if available when selected reorder SHAPES …
(edit) @4102   2 years vondreele add transfer of flat background to images corrected for 1/dist2 …
(edit) @4101   2 years vondreele progress dilog for SHAPES & more speedup
(edit) @4100   2 years toby seq. ref bugs: correct use flag in avg calc; if selected X var is no …
(edit) @4099   2 years vondreele more speedup of SHAPES
(edit) @4098   2 years vondreele speedup of SHAPES
(edit) @4097   2 years vondreele implement a fast version of set_box in G2shapes
(edit) @4096   2 years toby fix broken plot arrow keys; add some debug for where drag of ticks fails
(edit) @4095   2 years vondreele improve dmax estimation - use proper selected weights ditto P(R) …
(edit) @4094   2 years vondreele SHAPES now complete, but slow.
(edit) @4093   2 years toby more work on menu hot keys & ask to save on exit
(edit) @4092   2 years vondreele fix crash when Add Substance is aborted fix plot rescales after …
(edit) @4091   2 years toby delay close process until after update on Linux & Mac
(edit) @4090   2 years vondreele small revision to the absent lines code - works better now
(edit) @4089   2 years vondreele implement an "absent" list for image calibrants - especially Silicon SRM640
(edit) @4088   2 years toby Add scripting peak retrieval & document
(edit) @4087   2 years toby Fix Andrey's bug: remove cell parms for unused phases in seq res table
(edit) @4086   2 years toby Add menu accelerator keys & recently used menu
(edit) @4085   2 years toby Add menu accelerator keys & recently used menu
(edit) @4084   2 years vondreele fixes to SHAPES results table fix remaining plot amnesia problems
(edit) @4083   2 years vondreele
(edit) @4082   2 years vondreele
(edit) @4081   2 years vondreele
(edit) @4080   2 years vondreele fix to ellipsoid size math & GUI revisions
(edit) @4079   2 years vondreele modify SHAPES for better output to GSAS-II begin plotting capability …
(edit) @4078   2 years vondreele some finish uo on SHAPES
(edit) @4077   2 years vondreele add SHAPES capability & all the interface stuff
(edit) @4076   2 years vondreele fix axes amnesia for PDF plots add plotting of P(R) pair distribution …
(edit) @4075   2 years vondreele fixes to import old (e.g. HIPD) TOF date from fxye
(edit) @4074   2 years vondreele fix size/mustrain plots so diameters match coefficients
(edit) @4073   2 years vondreele minor typos & allow import PDB to read no unit cell dummy PDBs from …
(edit) @4072   2 years vondreele fix a missing G2frame.PickId? problem in G2imgGUI fix SAS plotting …
(edit) @4071   2 years vondreele fix bug exporting fxye file for TOF data - can't write iparm file
(edit) @4070   2 years vondreele more cleanup of PWDR plots
(edit) @4069   3 years vondreele bit more cleanup of background subtracted powder pattern plotting
(edit) @4068   3 years vondreele fix bug in CalcBack? when no background file specified
(edit) @4067   3 years vondreele background plotting options now fixed completely for PWDR data.
(edit) @4066   3 years vondreele some fixes to sub. back plots
(edit) @4065   3 years vondreele background plotting stuff (incomplete)
(edit) @4064   3 years vondreele fix background editing; now immediately shows effect on background …
(edit) @4063   3 years vondreele fix triclinic indexing change "Load cell from phase" to "Load Phase"
(edit) @4062   3 years vondreele small fixes to G2plot - make indexed lines 3,3 dashed orange lines, …
(edit) @4061   3 years toby revise PNG files for "libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB …
(edit) @4060   3 years toby Work on Index Unit Cell display: narrower, allow dragging limits, add …
(edit) @4059   3 years vondreele IMSF stuff
(edit) @4058   3 years vondreele G2math now has "right" stuff for mag. str. fctr. calc.
(edit) @4057   3 years vondreele tweaks of the mag. str. fctr. code
(edit) @4056   3 years vondreele use config value of default spot size for spot masks
(edit) @4055   3 years vondreele minor changes to incomm. mag. srt. fctr. stuff. Still wrong.
(edit) @4054   3 years vondreele changes to incommensurate magnetism math
(edit) @4053   3 years toby complete multiprocessing & caching of maps; results not yet tested
(edit) @4052   3 years vondreele add option to remove Dysnomia files after it completes
(edit) @4051   3 years vondreele Correct error in PWDR extinction derivatives
(edit) @4050   3 years vondreele include extinction derivative for PWDR data
(edit) @4049   3 years toby better Export error msg
(edit) @4048   3 years vondreele Use extra reflections generated by Dysnomia in forming new Fourier map
(edit) @4047   3 years toby remove reflections if hist dropped from phase
(edit) @4046   3 years toby remove histograms that are not added to a phse from the Seq Ref …
(edit) @4045   3 years toby add autoread of G(r)
(edit) @4044   3 years vondreele remove restriction on doing selective copy of instrument type across …
(edit) @4043   3 years vondreele commented out unneeded block of code about getting CurLims? in lines …
(edit) @4042   3 years toby fix liveplotting in d-space
(edit) @4041   3 years vondreele fix issues with rigid body GUI controls - mostly proper assignment of rbId
(edit) @4040   3 years vondreele put rigid body Xsizers & Osizers into a dict in G2frame to keep them …
(edit) @4039   3 years toby turn off refinement for simulation
(edit) @4038   3 years vondreele set no. cycles to zero for simulated data.
(edit) @4037   3 years toby fix PWDR autoload for older Pythons
(edit) @4036   3 years toby add PWDR autoload
(edit) @4035   3 years vondreele xline & yline masks now correct
(edit) @4034   3 years vondreele implement xline & yline masks to integration - still checking it
(edit) @4033   3 years vondreele line masks now drawn on image
(edit) @4032   3 years vondreele fix 'Resolution' in old gpx to 'GridStep?' fix to bad logical operator …
(edit) @4031   3 years toby introduce external autoInt
(edit) @4030   3 years vondreele fix defaults for ka1-Ka2 powder data to be Bragg-Brentano for both GUI …
(edit) @4028   3 years vondreele fix triclinic indexing problem - leftover from expansion of possible …
(edit) @4027   3 years vondreele fix to non BNS centered magnetic space groups from Bilbao
(edit) @4026   3 years toby printing bugs
(edit) @4025   3 years toby more print filtering
(edit) @4024   3 years toby fix for print w/optional mode arg
(edit) @4023   3 years toby docs formatting
(edit) @4022   3 years toby oops, fix Python2 error
(edit) @4021   3 years toby implement filter for screen messages; start to replace print() with …
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