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(edit) @3983   4 years toby add contour to set limits w/Apply button; finish contour U/D …
(edit) @3982   4 years vondreele begin work on MEM interface to Dysnomia Change fourier/cf "Resolution" …
(edit) @3981   4 years toby fix misc PDF issues
(edit) @3980   4 years toby fix misc PDF issues
(edit) @3979   4 years vondreele fix problem reading two different vintages of Bruker raw1.01 files; …
(edit) @3978   4 years vondreele more cleanup of Absorb & Fprime; cursor shows values now
(edit) @3977   4 years toby Update help info for Sample Parms & add help button
(edit) @3976   4 years vondreele finish cleanup of fprime and absorb
(edit) @3975   4 years vondreele some fixup of fprime - more still to do
(edit) @3974   4 years toby more minor doc updates
(edit) @3973   4 years toby Load all fix; doc updates
(edit) @3972   4 years toby fix unset showSlice
(edit) @3971   4 years toby skip exception processing from inside Spyder & if IPython is not present
(edit) @3970   4 years toby Py3 bug on Pawley Estimate; Scriptable corrections
(edit) @3969   4 years vondreele fix Bruker raw 1.01 importer
(edit) @3968   4 years vondreele add grid control to absorb & fprime
(edit) @3967   4 years vondreele embed fprime & absorb plots in GSAS-II plot window as separate tabs. …
(edit) @3966   4 years vondreele remove extra import
(edit) @3965   4 years toby slightly better approach to tutorial path
(edit) @3964   4 years vondreele fix RB bug involving zipped lists
(edit) @3963   4 years vondreele change pylab to pyplot in fprime & absorb undo the addition of S301 to …
(edit) @3962   4 years toby rework updating of plots after a refinement
(edit) @3961   4 years vondreele set self.tutorialPath = '.\G2tutorial' if others fail. Don't know if …
(edit) @3960   4 years toby add more svn cleanup attempts
(edit) @3959   4 years toby Bugs from Ivo: scripting & seq. table plotting; script addition for …
(edit) @3958   4 years vondreele add contour level list to status bar (when cursor is moved over plot)
(edit) @3957   4 years vondreele fix problem of ghost drawings in plots after use of contouring
(edit) @3956   4 years vondreele fix bug in refPlotUpdate - missing phase colors put progress bars in …
(edit) @3955   4 years toby revisit [3952]
(edit) @3954   4 years toby add cleanup if svn error for svn switch & update
(edit) @3953   4 years vondreele change defaults for sphere of enclosure atom add - can be used to get …
(edit) @3952   4 years toby PickId? set to zero(?)
(edit) @3951   4 years vondreele fix a pickid bug in ReplotPattern?
(edit) @3950   4 years vondreele fix issues with 'N' & 'P' atom plot selection key
(edit) @3949   4 years vondreele suppress green dot density plotting for 4D maps - they aren't correct …
(edit) @3948   4 years vondreele a better way to fix scroll bar issue in Residue RB display
(edit) @3947   4 years vondreele fix to Residue RB scroll issue with residue selection; had to resize …
(edit) @3946   4 years vondreele correction to contouring for cells out side reference; needed a %1. on …
(edit) @3945   4 years vondreele fix 4D display of contour maps; now properly track with atom modulations
(edit) @3944   4 years toby fix for vector rigid body display
(edit) @3943   4 years vondreele fix scroll bars in Residue rigid body display
(edit) @3942   4 years vondreele force matplotlib backend to be wxAgg (not pyQt) - then contouring …
(edit) @3941   4 years vondreele fix peak picking problem - missing Z parameter in instparm file. Now …
(edit) @3940   4 years toby initialize oldBat in makeBat
(edit) @3939   4 years vondreele check if old GSASII.bat file in registry exists; if not change …
(edit) @3938   4 years toby misc doc updates
(edit) @3936   4 years vondreele put activate from python/Scripts in
(edit) @3935   4 years vondreele
(edit) @3933   4 years vondreele use Status bar message for h/v option on view dir.
(edit) @3932   4 years vondreele Another fix for PatternId? = 0
(edit) @3931   4 years vondreele alternate settings for view direction appear to work, but still hidden …
(edit) @3929   4 years vondreele makeBat now recognizes old GSAS-II shortcuts & allows alternative name …
(edit) @3928   4 years vondreele fix bug in ReplotPattern? if pattern missing (deleted)
(edit) @3927   4 years vondreele modified makeBat to check about old .gpx registry entries add options …
(edit) @3926   4 years toby bugfix for plot updates: conflict for single xtal
(edit) @3925   4 years toby bugfix for fixed background: conflict for single xtal
(edit) @3918   4 years toby update .xrdml importer + typos in tutorials
(edit) @3914   4 years vondreele change OnComputePDF argument from None to tc.event in SampleSizer? - …
(edit) @3913   4 years toby Update Rietveld cycle-by-cycle
(edit) @3911   4 years vondreele remove ClearSelection? in SetViewPoint?
(edit) @3909   4 years vondreele Add new menu item to Map Peaks - Invert peak position; inverts map and …
(edit) @3908   4 years vondreele avoid map search finding negatives unless delt-f or neutron data
(edit) @3907   4 years vondreele add 'k' option to structure plot key box for toggle of contours
(edit) @3906   4 years toby implement fixed backgound file in Riteveld Fit; show Rietveld & peak …
(edit) @3905   4 years vondreele fix to atom constraints from structure transform
(edit) @3904   4 years vondreele fix lattice parm constraint bug
(edit) @3903   4 years vondreele fix for HKLF data as well
(edit) @3902   4 years vondreele fix bug for bad PWDR/HKLF name in GetRefData? - now returns None
(edit) @3901   4 years vondreele allow min resolution = 0.2A for fourier maps
(edit) @3900   4 years vondreele cursor now reports position/density on contour slice. Contour control …
(edit) @3899   4 years toby Improve changing plot labels size etc, & Tie zero and diff in …
(edit) @3898   4 years toby Add manual scaling of plots, allow changes to plot labels size etc, & …
(edit) @3897   4 years vondreele remove slow warning for contour plots; it's not slow for large structures
(edit) @3896   4 years vondreele enormous speed improvement for contour plot - not dependent on map size
(edit) @3895   4 years vondreele bit of cleanup
(edit) @3894   4 years vondreele optimize getRhos ~ 10-20% improvement is all I could manage
(edit) @3893   4 years vondreele remove commented lines & "improve" getRhos - more numpy oriented - not …
(edit) @3892   4 years vondreele set "facecolor" alpha to 0.5 for contour plots; lines are now alpha=1.0
(edit) @3891   4 years vondreele change alpha for e-density texture to 50% - looks better than 25%
(edit) @3890   4 years vondreele contour maps finished
(edit) @3889   4 years vondreele contour map complete but not faded
(edit) @3888   4 years vondreele provide contour plot (not finished yet) on structure drawing
(edit) @3887   4 years toby Fix restore of seq results after crash
(edit) @3886   4 years vondreele change variable SUBGRPUOS --> SubGroups? (avoid possible confusion with …
(edit) @3885   4 years toby correct seq ref hist error
(edit) @3884   4 years toby correct seq ref hist error
(edit) @3883   4 years toby correct seq ref hist error
(edit) @3882   4 years vondreele mag. incomm. str. fctr.
(edit) @3881   4 years vondreele mag. str fctr. (again...)
(edit) @3880   4 years vondreele mag str fctr. stuff
(edit) @3879   4 years toby prepare for wx deprecation
(edit) @3878   4 years toby fix problems due to addition of column to SeqRes? table
(edit) @3877   4 years vondreele micsf again
(edit) @3876   4 years toby and remove from entry in tree
(edit) @3875   4 years toby fix error when background PWDR is deleted
(edit) @3874   4 years toby tweak column selector for small # of columns
(edit) @3873   4 years toby trap error if unable to delete seq files
(edit) @3872   4 years toby fix seq. listing w/empty cols; add column selection when not selected …
(edit) @3871   4 years toby redo G2ColumnIDDialog to resize vertically
(edit) @3870   4 years vondreele still mag incomm. wrong
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