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(edit) @3906   5 years toby implement fixed backgound file in Riteveld Fit; show Rietveld & peak …
(edit) @3905   5 years vondreele fix to atom constraints from structure transform
(edit) @3904   5 years vondreele fix lattice parm constraint bug
(edit) @3903   5 years vondreele fix for HKLF data as well
(edit) @3902   5 years vondreele fix bug for bad PWDR/HKLF name in GetRefData? - now returns None
(edit) @3901   5 years vondreele allow min resolution = 0.2A for fourier maps
(edit) @3900   5 years vondreele cursor now reports position/density on contour slice. Contour control …
(edit) @3899   5 years toby Improve changing plot labels size etc, & Tie zero and diff in …
(edit) @3898   5 years toby Add manual scaling of plots, allow changes to plot labels size etc, & …
(edit) @3897   5 years vondreele remove slow warning for contour plots; it's not slow for large structures
(edit) @3896   5 years vondreele enormous speed improvement for contour plot - not dependent on map size
(edit) @3895   5 years vondreele bit of cleanup
(edit) @3894   5 years vondreele optimize getRhos ~ 10-20% improvement is all I could manage
(edit) @3893   5 years vondreele remove commented lines & "improve" getRhos - more numpy oriented - not …
(edit) @3892   5 years vondreele set "facecolor" alpha to 0.5 for contour plots; lines are now alpha=1.0
(edit) @3891   5 years vondreele change alpha for e-density texture to 50% - looks better than 25%
(edit) @3890   5 years vondreele contour maps finished
(edit) @3889   5 years vondreele contour map complete but not faded
(edit) @3888   5 years vondreele provide contour plot (not finished yet) on structure drawing
(edit) @3887   5 years toby Fix restore of seq results after crash
(edit) @3886   5 years vondreele change variable SUBGRPUOS --> SubGroups? (avoid possible confusion with …
(edit) @3885   5 years toby correct seq ref hist error
(edit) @3884   5 years toby correct seq ref hist error
(edit) @3883   5 years toby correct seq ref hist error
(edit) @3882   5 years vondreele mag. incomm. str. fctr.
(edit) @3881   5 years vondreele mag. str fctr. (again...)
(edit) @3880   5 years vondreele mag str fctr. stuff
(edit) @3879   5 years toby prepare for wx deprecation
(edit) @3878   5 years toby fix problems due to addition of column to SeqRes? table
(edit) @3877   5 years vondreele micsf again
(edit) @3876   5 years toby and remove from entry in tree
(edit) @3875   5 years toby fix error when background PWDR is deleted
(edit) @3874   5 years toby tweak column selector for small # of columns
(edit) @3873   5 years toby trap error if unable to delete seq files
(edit) @3872   5 years toby fix seq. listing w/empty cols; add column selection when not selected …
(edit) @3871   5 years toby redo G2ColumnIDDialog to resize vertically
(edit) @3870   5 years vondreele still mag incomm. wrong
(edit) @3869   5 years toby more clear working of Cancel on relocate image
(edit) @3868   5 years toby Fix possible overwrite of PWDR children
(edit) @3867   5 years vondreele modulated mag moments now ok; not sf calc
(edit) @3866   5 years vondreele fix problem with multicore range error - need integer divide in ResetMP
(edit) @3865   5 years vondreele a new attempt at incommensurate mag. str. fctrs.
(edit) @3864   5 years vondreele incommensurate mgnetic str. fctr. calcs.latest attempt
(edit) @3863   5 years vondreele Fix sequential results save routines per suggestion by Ivo Alxneit
(edit) @3862   5 years vondreele Add column to sequential results table - number (0-nRows). Makes …
(edit) @3861   5 years vondreele another try at incomm. mag. str. fctr.
(edit) @3860   5 years toby warn but continue when histogram in phase list but not in tree
(edit) @3859   5 years toby Use Dij values for SeqRef? table even if not varied
(edit) @3858   5 years toby stupid Py3 syntax error; docs updates
(edit) @3857   5 years toby Fix scriptable to work w/o wx & mpl; reorg of docs
(edit) @3856   5 years vondreele small mods to GUI for general restraints
(edit) @3855   5 years toby major speed up with very big sequential fits
(edit) @3854   5 years toby fix bug including zero in legend in publ. plot
(edit) @3853   5 years vondreele incomm.mag. mods
(edit) @3852   5 years vondreele implement fix (modified) to open in G2ctrGUI as per Bo Hau Chen (Taiwan)
(edit) @3851   5 years vondreele incommensurate mag. str. fctr. agaiin - now close
(edit) @3850   5 years vondreele replace all 0 with 0. in atom insert or add routines incomm. mag. str …
(edit) @3849   5 years toby finish sequential ref. via scripting; doc updates
(edit) @3848   5 years vondreele since id is a python routine which could be useful in debugging, …
(edit) @3847   5 years toby speed contour plotting
(edit) @3846   5 years vondreele add plot timing for single plots
(edit) @3845   5 years toby more sequential timing; doc fixes for scriptable
(edit) @3844   5 years vondreele blksize = 256 in scriptable as well
(edit) @3843   5 years vondreele change image integration block size to 256 from 1024 - 3x faster …
(edit) @3842   5 years vondreele force number of integration bins to be divisible by 4 - solves crash …
(edit) @3841   5 years vondreele fix problem if image calibrant isn't in local calibration files fix …
(edit) @3840   5 years toby fix scriptable read of TOF; fraction editor for wx 3.0
(edit) @3839   5 years vondreele add some timing for plot patterns - controlled by showTiming more inn. …
(edit) @3838   5 years toby fix previous
(edit) @3837   5 years vondreele more on incomm. mag. str. fctr.
(edit) @3836   5 years toby add timing for SeqRef?; error msg for unlinked hists in scriptable
(edit) @3835   5 years vondreele Allow constraints on modulation vector changes to incommensurate mag. …
(edit) @3834   5 years toby set idstring for simulations as needed; thanx to Thomas Proffen
(edit) @3833   5 years toby add bkg peaks to ref dict & reorg docs
(edit) @3832   5 years vondreele fix reflection list & 3D HKL plots for modulated structures
(edit) @3831   5 years toby add background peaks set/control
(edit) @3830   5 years vondreele modify makeRing to allow optionally a multiplier on number of steps …
(edit) @3829   5 years vondreele fix problem with selecting torsions in residue rigid bodies
(edit) @3828   5 years toby fix cif export w/unused histogram; switch 3.x imports to pickle w/warn …
(edit) @3827   5 years vondreele bad call to wx.FlexGridSizer? in the RB torsion GUI - now fixed
(edit) @3826   5 years vondreele fix future problem with wx.NewId? --> wx.NewIdRef?
(edit) @3825   5 years vondreele create csv exporter for small angle data - includes size distribution …
(edit) @3824   5 years vondreele do ResetFlatBkg? for changing PDF background/container files & …
(edit) @3823   5 years toby attempt to fix more broken doc references
(edit) @3822   5 years toby fixing a broken doc reference?
(edit) @3821   5 years vondreele more changes for incommensurate mag str fctr remove GUI update after …
(edit) @3820   5 years toby implement integration in scripting
(edit) @3819   5 years vondreele fix cursor for old wx versions
(edit) @3818   5 years vondreele implement sqrt(I) plots for multiplots & contour plots - key 's' to …
(edit) @3817   5 years vondreele Add Setcursor utility that presents different cursors on the plot …
(edit) @3816   5 years vondreele Change plot cursor if zoom or pan buttons are pressed
(edit) @3815   5 years toby Add recalibrate & more image load/set routines
(edit) @3814   5 years toby refactor to move some IO-only routines; add initial image support to …
(edit) @3813   5 years vondreele fix problem with update of modulation vector after refinement change …
(edit) @3812   5 years vondreele incommensurate mag str fctr. closer but still not right
(edit) @3811   5 years toby scriptable: fix reading py2 gpx in py3 & use of multi-set instprm files
(edit) @3810   5 years toby fix range object in GPX file; fix spurious warning on tutorial update
(edit) @3809   5 years toby update scriptable to handle banks in data/inst files
(edit) @3808   5 years vondreele latest attempt at incommensurate mag str fctr & some cleanup of dead ends
(edit) @3807   5 years toby warn on numpy 1.16.0
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