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(edit) @3117   4 years vondreele replace SConstruct with working old one
(edit) @3111   4 years toby get binaries out of trunk
(edit) @3110   4 years vondreele new binaries for "old" numpy (1.9) in 32-bit & 64-bit versions
(edit) @3109   4 years toby remove Bobs binaries from what should be empty directory
(edit) @3108   4 years vondreele update AllBinaries? to have win_64_p2.7_n1.13 including spotmask.pyd
(edit) @3106   4 years vondreele new fortran routine for processing spot masks fix to SConstruct - …
(edit) @3105   4 years vondreele another slight integration improvement
(edit) @3104   4 years vondreele achieve some speed (~10%) improvement in integration of images
(edit) @3103   4 years vondreele show seq. result in structure drawing - steps thru histograms changing …
(edit) @3102   4 years toby docs for G2scripting; start thinking about how to postpone G2path.SetBinary?
(edit) @3101   4 years vondreele change SetScrollRate?(1,1) to SetScrollRate?(10,10) - improves scrolling …
(edit) @3100   4 years vondreele implement fix FXU for sequential refinements
(edit) @3099   4 years vondreele fixes to protein validation code
(edit) @3098   4 years toby fix powder data import errors with G2scriptable
(edit) @3097   4 years vondreele fix origin shift transformation & vec,matrix, vec transformations; now …
(edit) @3096   4 years toby fix fixed background refinement
(edit) @3095   4 years vondreele add new confit parm: Show_timing enable editing of the Use column in …
(edit) @3093   4 years toby fix multiprocessing with constraints
(edit) @3092   4 years vondreele change # decimal places on pseudovariables from 3 to 5 fix bug on …
(edit) @3091   4 years odonnell more documentation for G2Project
(edit) @3090   4 years odonnell more refinement specifier documentation
(edit) @3085   4 years odonnell removed comments, started documenting refinement specifiers
(edit) @3082   4 years vondreele fix legend plotting error in PlotXY
(edit) @3080   4 years vondreele openGL fix for linux systems
(edit) @3079   4 years vondreele implement rigid body reference vectors
(edit) @3077   4 years toby fix bug on svn check
(edit) @3076   4 years vondreele fix multiplot coloring to cover color range of G2frame.ContourColor?
(edit) @3075   4 years toby Allow editing of proxy info
(edit) @3070   4 years vondreele implement use of background pattern for PWDR data. Used for plot & …
(edit) @3069   4 years odonnell phase and histogram access works without G2obj
(edit) @3068   4 years vondreele fix parameter display to show nan (crashed before) trap with error if …
(edit) @3067   4 years odonnell Remove some index_id calls
(edit) @3066   4 years vondreele cosmetic
(edit) @3065   4 years toby fix error introduced by variable sorting
(edit) @3063   4 years vondreele improve auto peak search - tuning both lower limit & overlap rejection
(edit) @3062   4 years vondreele make minF/sig floating pt by default
(edit) @3061   4 years toby sort variable names
(edit) @3058   4 years vondreele fix name problem in G2dataGUI; replace GetItemPyData? with GetItemText?
(edit) @3057   4 years toby more work on constraints: prevent use of perviously constrained …
(edit) @3056   4 years toby expand error reporting with constraints (no fixes yet to prevent them)
(edit) @3054   4 years vondreele fixes to MCSA gui routines; trap <3 atom RBs fix missing AtLookup?
(edit) @3053   4 years vondreele read multiple scans in a Panalytical xrdml file
(edit) @3052   4 years vondreele fix Panalytical import to read summed data
(edit) @3051   4 years vondreele modify text for Contour_color
(edit) @3049   4 years toby reset InitMP after SelectConfigSetting?.OnApplyChanges? to allow number …
(edit) @3048   4 years vondreele remove item from fix bug in FindAtomsDraw? implement …
(edit) @3046   4 years toby label user-supplied & code-generated equivalences (constraints); …
(edit) @3045   4 years vondreele plot both protein vlidators (#2 still in erroe) remove config value …
(edit) @3044   4 years vondreele remove local basinhopping
(edit) @3043   4 years vondreele comment block blunder fixed
(edit) @3042   4 years vondreele add scipy license to basinhopping MCSA plot bug fix
(edit) @3041   4 years toby Fully implement multiprocessing on reflection loops, but currently …
(edit) @3039   4 years vondreele fixes to 2D strain fitting & remove no longer used code
(edit) @3038   4 years vondreele fix sequential 2D stress/strain fitting
(edit) @3037   4 years vondreele remove a stray status text() get rid of wx.EXPAND for Sample …
(edit) @3035   4 years vondreele fix another umlaut problem
(edit) @3034   4 years vondreele remove 'u' from file name extension use. See what happens with …
(edit) @3033   4 years vondreele fixes to protein validate, "old" works; not "old" close but not perfect
(edit) @3030   4 years vondreele make protein validation work with old (works) and new (doesn't work) …
(edit) @3029   4 years vondreele implement correctly errat for protein validation; erratv2 not right
(edit) @3027   4 years odonnell no wx dependency for export
(edit) @3026   4 years odonnell add uiso setter
(edit) @3025   4 years toby work on installation issues
(edit) @3024   4 years toby fix DisAgl? problem in CIF export
(edit) @3023   4 years odonnell remove wx dependency for GSASIIscriptable
(edit) @3022   4 years odonnell new pId/hId setters, factor out hist/phase linking code
(edit) @3019   4 years odonnell fixed error in refactoring
(edit) @3018   4 years toby put user-defined seq ref var labels into table
(edit) @3017   4 years toby change reading of "Chess" (Pilatus?) detector to uint32 to avoid …
(edit) @3016   4 years odonnell WIP
(edit) @3015   4 years odonnell refactor do_refinements
(edit) @3014   4 years toby correct evaluation of cell parameters for use in pseudo variables
(edit) @3013   4 years toby Masks: fix drag bug, set spot size; fix windows positioning
(edit) @3012   4 years odonnell Switch to argparse, fixed bug with .instprm files
(edit) @3011   4 years odonnell CIF export. changelist: * Start using argparse module in …
(edit) @3010   4 years vondreele work on colors for PWDR plots - picked PWDR is now always same colors …
(edit) @3009   4 years odonnell more documentation changes, removed (phase|histogram)_names, add occupancy
(edit) @3008   4 years vondreele remove print "no phases found..." use contour colors for powder …
(edit) @3007   4 years odonnell G2Project.refine does not back up, refactored phase/histogram access, …
(edit) @3006   4 years vondreele
(edit) @3005   4 years vondreele fix multiprocess for getProfileDerivMP - useMP=False
(edit) @3004   4 years toby Add multiprocessing for derivatives, but commented out
(edit) @3003   4 years vondreele more development of protein validation - still not correct substitute …
(edit) @3001   4 years toby remove 2frame ref from Help menu
(edit) @3000   4 years toby make the two frame version the trunk as we hit version 3000
(edit) @2951   4 years toby Make directory for all binaries
(edit) @2936   4 years toby bail out when bin lookup fails
(edit) @2926   4 years toby fix import & switch msg
(edit) @2925   4 years toby add switch to 2frame; allow for latest G2path
(edit) @2904   4 years toby try to fix Docs build
(edit) @2903   4 years toby try to fix Docs build
(edit) @2902   4 years toby try to fix Docs build
(edit) @2901   4 years toby try to fix Docs build
(edit) @2897   4 years toby fix full CIF export bug
(edit) @2894   4 years toby speed derivative computation; add commented timing code
(edit) @2889   4 years vondreele a fix to gltext - some bug in pyopengl 3.1.1a1 gives errors but …
(edit) @2887   4 years toby setup & use bindist location for downloaded binaries
(edit) @2886   4 years toby make location for downloaded binary
(edit) @2881   4 years toby Set tickmark colors for phases the same for all powder histograms
(edit) @2880   4 years toby Fix copy flags for non-isotropic size/strain models
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