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(edit) @2951   4 years toby Make directory for all binaries
(edit) @2936   4 years toby bail out when bin lookup fails
(edit) @2926   4 years toby fix import & switch msg
(edit) @2925   4 years toby add switch to 2frame; allow for latest G2path
(edit) @2904   4 years toby try to fix Docs build
(edit) @2903   4 years toby try to fix Docs build
(edit) @2902   4 years toby try to fix Docs build
(edit) @2901   4 years toby try to fix Docs build
(edit) @2897   4 years toby fix full CIF export bug
(edit) @2894   4 years toby speed derivative computation; add commented timing code
(edit) @2889   4 years vondreele a fix to gltext - some bug in pyopengl 3.1.1a1 gives errors but …
(edit) @2887   4 years toby setup & use bindist location for downloaded binaries
(edit) @2886   4 years toby make location for downloaded binary
(edit) @2881   4 years toby Set tickmark colors for phases the same for all powder histograms
(edit) @2880   4 years toby Fix copy flags for non-isotropic size/strain models
(edit) @2879   4 years toby Seq. Ref.: fix tickmarks on plot; single click on hist in table plots it
(edit) @2878   4 years toby add Yield for seq ref plotting
(edit) @2877   4 years toby Plot each histogram after fitting in a sequential refinement
(edit) @2876   4 years toby allow variables to change during seq. ref.; fix error w/unused phases
(edit) @2875   4 years toby Allow space group entry by number; move SGMessageBox to GSASIIctrls
(edit) @2874   4 years toby Sequential refinement fixes where # of phases change
(edit) @2873   4 years toby more fixes & cleanup for phase/data window
(edit) @2872   4 years toby include only added histograms in Phase/Data? operations
(edit) @2871   4 years vondreele change ContourColor? default back to Paired even if it is 12 color …
(edit) @2870   4 years toby Allow hiding of columns in Seq Table
(edit) @2869   4 years toby change color on Seq parm fit plot
(edit) @2868   4 years toby fix bug in Expr Edit; add math import (should not be needed, but will …
(edit) @2867   4 years toby fix sequential exports
(edit) @2865   4 years vondreele fix problem with contour color preference setting
(edit) @2864   4 years vondreele new delete hist
(edit) @2863   4 years vondreele extend contour color selection to include reversed ones (doubles the …
(edit) @2862   4 years vondreele comment out GetFobsSq? from errRefine - should save time recalculating …
(edit) @2860   5 years vondreele a bit more of protein validation
(edit) @2859   5 years vondreele partial implementation of protein check function - not done yet
(edit) @2858   5 years vondreele fix Pawley restraint problem force skip of disordered residues in pdb …
(edit) @2857   5 years toby fix missing cell parms in Seq Ref. table (when not starting with 1st …
(edit) @2856   5 years vondreele fix bug in drawatom add via "sphere" enclosure
(edit) @2854   5 years vondreele implement Hessian SVD refinement option (no Levenberg-Marquardt). …
(edit) @2853   5 years vondreele remove a 'exposed' test print statement add a print of SVD zeros …
(edit) @2852   5 years toby cleanup GSASIIpath to only load one bin directory into path and to …
(edit) @2851   5 years toby more for arrow keys; do not understand how this windows code works, …
(edit) @2850   5 years toby fix arrow key data tree traversal on Mac
(edit) @2849   5 years vondreele change TOF instrument Calibration weighting
(edit) @2848   5 years vondreele add polyhedron drawing for stacking layers
(edit) @2847   5 years vondreele turn off debug in TIF reader provide better(?) trap for LinAlgErrors?
(edit) @2846   5 years vondreele implement SVD inversion (Moore Penrose invert routine) in Hessian LSQ …
(edit) @2845   5 years toby fix for readthedocs (import without full set of packages
(edit) @2844   5 years toby fix for readthedocs (import without full set of packages
(edit) @2843   5 years vondreele fix focus issues from lists of histograms in tree
(edit) @2842   5 years toby cleanups: crash in show LS params; show constraint vars; set filters …
(edit) @2841   5 years vondreele fix DData & RBmodel selection tables to allow use of up/down arrows - …
(edit) @2840   5 years vondreele fix PDB importer & reimport atoms rework RB GUI - now shows just one …
(edit) @2839   5 years vondreele fix numpy divide issues inquaternions
(edit) @2838   5 years vondreele add a bit of printing to LS & show no. of penalty fxns
(edit) @2837   5 years vondreele fix aniso Uij derivatives - were messing up Uii on trig/hex 3-fold axes
(edit) @2836   5 years vondreele fixes to scripts & fxye importer
(edit) @2835   5 years vondreele add self.scriptable=False to ImportBaseClass? set it True in various …
(edit) @2834   5 years vondreele fix bug on display of Texture fit error
(edit) @2833   5 years toby documentation updates
(edit) @2832   5 years toby documentation updates
(edit) @2831   5 years vondreele fix to put azm on Sample Azimuth for PWDR data
(edit) @2830   5 years vondreele fix read errors for HIPPO data
(edit) @2829   5 years vondreele update tif reader ti include 4 different versions of LCLS tif images
(edit) @2828   5 years vondreele make delt-d column to hydrostatic mustrain in seq 2D strain fit table
(edit) @2827   5 years vondreele add delt-d to 2D strain seq. results table
(edit) @2826   5 years vondreele add covariances to sequential strain ring fit results
(edit) @2825   5 years vondreele remove two prints from fix seq results bug for …
(edit) @2824   5 years vondreele fix 2D strain d-zero calc set Refine dlg=None default for easier …
(edit) @2823   5 years vondreele implement hold flag for dzero adjustment in 2D strain fitting
(edit) @2822   5 years vondreele provide comments for
(edit) @2821   5 years vondreele revisions to GSASIIscriptable - now works for reading PWDR data
(edit) @2820   5 years vondreele PWDR import now scriptable for single bank patterns
(edit) @2819   5 years vondreele fix printing of nonascii characters (e.g. "umlaut-o") in file names, …
(edit) @2818   5 years vondreele add GetPhaseNames?(fl) to G2obj - uses opened gpx file fix …
(edit) @2817   5 years vondreele major revision - move all importers to GSASIIobj & make them …
(edit) @2816   5 years vondreele add new module which has routines for …
(edit) @2815   5 years vondreele sign changes & fix error in texture & Pawley restraints
(edit) @2811   5 years vondreele fix bug in Bruker powder data importer.
(edit) @2810   5 years vondreele oops bug in Transform GUI - fixed
(edit) @2809   5 years vondreele add new transform option for moving atoms from setting #1 --> #2
(edit) @2808   5 years vondreele small fixes to reflectometry calcs. fix Hessian restraint bug - wrong …
(edit) @2807   5 years vondreele fix offset problem in Bruker RAW powder importer Some wordsmithing of …
(edit) @2806   5 years toby Revise space group entry
(edit) @2805   5 years toby change docs to list the version number
(edit) @2804   5 years toby change docs to list the version number
(edit) @2803   5 years toby minor doc updates
(edit) @2802   5 years toby updates for doc build
(edit) @2801   5 years toby at long last, tracked down Mac bug in Expression Editor
(edit) @2800   5 years vondreele fix a simulation output format use a couple of wx.CallAfter? to fix …
(edit) @2798   5 years vondreele avoid crash if DefaultAutoScaleNames? isn't in
(edit) @2797   5 years vondreele fix simulation problem when calc intensities too small
(edit) @2796   5 years toby adjustments for tickmarks
(edit) @2789   5 years vondreele fix GetImageZ to correctly treat background/dark images.
(edit) @2788   5 years vondreele make I/Ib floats in ImageCalibrants?.py fix issue for SASD seq. …
(edit) @2787   5 years vondreele recover code removed in error from MakeDiamDist? in …
(edit) @2786   5 years vondreele fix seq REFD results display fix 'Rough' problems
(edit) @2785   5 years vondreele add a fit all option for REFD patterns
(edit) @2784   5 years vondreele fix REFD plotting put neutron reflectometry reader back in import routine
(edit) @2783   5 years vondreele include imports/ implement instrument smearing of …
(edit) @2782   5 years vondreele add autoscaling to autointegration impose check on rescale limits - …
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