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(edit) @2423   5 years vondreele fix bug in charge flip phase plotting
(edit) @2422   5 years vondreele allow saving of plotted XY data from PlotXY as csv file
(edit) @2421   5 years vondreele name sequential results by type of sequence (peak fit, SASD, etc.) so …
(edit) @2420   5 years vondreele add "All scales value" to SumDialog?
(edit) @2419   5 years vondreele Add use of PWDR limits for PDF calculations improve duplicate peak …
(edit) @2418   5 years vondreele another fix to GE importer
(edit) @2417   5 years vondreele fix PDF graphic errors
(edit) @2416   5 years vondreele fix issues with summing images & powder patterns - SumDialog? is now a …
(edit) @2415   5 years vondreele fix Cancel bugs in image integrate all
(edit) @2414   5 years toby support for Rigaku .txt file
(edit) @2413   5 years vondreele fix bug in ge image importer
(edit) @2412   5 years vondreele fixes to PDF stuff
(edit) @2411   5 years vondreele fix image plot rescaling problem add ring graininess determination - …
(edit) @2409   5 years vondreele fix GE image importer
(edit) @2408   5 years toby error message for Bruker v. 4 Raw file import
(edit) @2407   5 years toby downdate error
(edit) @2406   5 years vondreele change spin flip from red/black to -1/1
(edit) @2405   5 years vondreele fix missing 'Modulated' key problem
(edit) @2404   5 years toby Fix problem saving windows paths
(edit) @2403   5 years toby fix William's bug
(edit) @2402   5 years vondreele a patch for use of old fortran binaries
(edit) @2401   6 years vondreele begin adding magnetism; change space group fortran code modify …
(edit) @2380   6 years vondreele fix problem deleting peak from Peak List
(edit) @2379   6 years toby fix tutorial path setting
(edit) @2378   6 years toby New tutorial interface
(edit) @2377   6 years toby add patch for locale mis-set on OSX machines
(edit) @2376   6 years vondreele add q-bin chi file exporter
(edit) @2375   6 years vondreele disable -registerTreeItem - stop window switching problem; no ill …
(edit) @2374   6 years vondreele more work on histogram IVP plotting
(edit) @2373   6 years toby rebuild for linux-64 with numpy-1.11.1
(edit) @2372   6 years vondreele Add reflection positions & cursor report to IPF. Still more fixes to …
(edit) @2369   6 years vondreele revisions to inverse pole figure calcs - now close to correct symmetry
(edit) @2368   6 years vondreele improve histogram IVP interpolation
(edit) @2367   6 years vondreele add display of inverse pole figure for each histogram - works but are …
(edit) @2366   6 years vondreele Add a bit of instruction for deleting excluded regions fix another …
(edit) @2365   6 years vondreele improve performance of peak autosearch; try scipy.peak_find_cwt - too …
(edit) @2364   6 years vondreele fix spelling of 'p::Vol' in G2grid.
(edit) @2363   6 years toby fix minor bugs in sequential refinement
(edit) @2362   6 years toby fix bug due to addition of CorrectionCode? to InstParms?
(edit) @2361   6 years vondreele fix Debye scattering background fxns. & derivatives.
(edit) @2360   6 years toby new Mac .so files, incorporate data corrections into .instprm file
(edit) @2357   6 years vondreele remove import .Pnn file cleanup CalcRDF
(edit) @2356   6 years vondreele revision to RDF calculation/plot
(edit) @2355   6 years vondreele fix plot bug add RDF calc - in progress add background correction to pdf
(edit) @2354   6 years toby fix export of TOF powder data
(edit) @2352   6 years toby rebuild with older numpy
(edit) @2351   6 years vondreele Add MakeRDF to Background File menu - nothing yet fix Comments display …
(edit) @2350   6 years toby rebuild with older numpy
(edit) @2348   6 years vondreele fix progress bar issues in image integration
(edit) @2347   6 years vondreele implement Steven Weigand's fixes for Pilatus 'I' for 'L' do a 'fix' …
(edit) @2346   6 years vondreele fix GUI issues in Image Controls
(edit) @2344   6 years toby add option to correct data on import
(edit) @2343   6 years toby cleanups on Restraints editing
(edit) @2342   6 years toby fix reading of CIF intensities with esds
(edit) @2341   6 years toby improve powder imports: suppress printing of binary data; improve …
(edit) @2340   6 years toby write multiple control files
(edit) @2339   6 years toby fixup autoint bugs; change labels on autoint window during integrations
(edit) @2338   6 years toby restore missing help files, fix import of new .imgctrl to table
(edit) @2337   6 years toby add svn locations for constructor-anaconda install
(edit) @2336   6 years vondreele two fixes for PDF plots
(edit) @2335   6 years vondreele fix to contrast in copy models for SASD
(edit) @2334   6 years vondreele fix mask array issue with si.interp1d in scipy 17.0+; use ma.getdata …
(edit) @2332   6 years vondreele
(edit) @2331   6 years vondreele missing tutorial directories in MT
(edit) @2330   6 years vondreele angle esds now calculated for seq tables
(edit) @2329   6 years vondreele sequential table distance & angle now OK, esds for distance OK, non …
(edit) @2328   6 years vondreele seq dist table entries & plot now have sus computed from v-cov matrix
(edit) @2327   6 years vondreele dist & angles now work for seq results table; esds are fake
(edit) @2326   6 years vondreele add more to angle calc
(edit) @2325   6 years vondreele fix fromstring error from newest pyOpenGL - now frombytes will try one …
(edit) @2323   6 years toby prepare to calc s.u. for distance pseudo vars
(edit) @2322   6 years vondreele (partially) fixed Cancel/Pause? behavior in AutoIntegrate?. Will crash …
(edit) @2321   6 years vondreele start on CalcDistSig? & AddAngleDialog? from tablet
(edit) @2319   6 years vondreele remove stray print & add \n to Dist argument for better column heading …
(edit) @2318   6 years vondreele Add atom-atom distance to seq results table - needs debugging
(edit) @2317   6 years vondreele missing/exercise directories
(edit) @2316   6 years toby prototype distance calc.
(edit) @2314   6 years vondreele change Levenberg/Marquardt? lambda max to 103 from 105 (it was …
(edit) @2313   6 years toby remove unused pylab reference
(edit) @2312   6 years vondreele fix issues with save, load copy & selected copy of image controls
(edit) @2311   6 years vondreele add tracking of 5 user selected reflection phases during charge …
(edit) @2310   6 years vondreele Add two new image control menu items: 1) Recalibrate all - does a …
(edit) @2309   6 years vondreele rename G2img formatName to "GSAS-II image" & add CBF importer
(edit) @2308   6 years vondreele add model or SASD - Thx to L.A, Avakyan fix (again) page …
(edit) @2307   6 years vondreele try again
(edit) @2306   6 years vondreele put a skipPageChange = True in PlotPatterns? to keep it from switching …
(edit) @2305   6 years vondreele in G2image.ImageIntegrate? force taz to be float-32 (it was float-64 & …
(edit) @2304   6 years vondreele add Cancel to image integration ProgressDialog? - will do a Pause in …
(edit) @2303   6 years vondreele change ProgressDialog? expected count so AUTO_HIDE works - now no …
(edit) @2302   6 years vondreele fresh binaries for binwin2.7/fellipse.pyd explicit del for various …
(edit) @2301   6 years vondreele add FindAllNeighbors? to G2math for finding all symm equiv neighbors …
(edit) @2300   6 years toby change title on auto-int table build file selector
(edit) @2299   6 years vondreele fix typo in GetTifData?
(edit) @2298   6 years vondreele Add stubs for BondDialog? & AngleDialog? for adding these to Seq results …
(edit) @2297   6 years vondreele implement creation of summed file from multi-frame ge image files; …
(edit) @2296   6 years vondreele make frame numbers 4 place zero filled per Bjorn's request.
(edit) @2295   6 years vondreele add merohedral twins tutorial fix problem in GetImageZ
(edit) @2290   6 years vondreele complex problem - fix summing of GE images; needed new item in Image …
(edit) @2289   6 years vondreele fixed interpretation of space group symbols with :1/2 at end …
(edit) @2288   6 years vondreele fix problem with incompatible arrays in dark correction
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