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(edit) @1476   7 years vondreele fix handling of zero powder profile intensities; set w=0. (not 1.)
(edit) @1475   7 years vondreele add MCSA tutorial to main gsasII.html web page change difB tern from …
(edit) @1474   7 years vondreele 1st MC/SA tutorial various MC/SA fixes fix to background peak fitting …
(edit) @1473   7 years toby fix repaint problem; 2.9, mac only?
(edit) @1472   7 years toby fix wx3 bug: no wx.CB_SORT on Mac
(edit) @1471   7 years vondreele fix the Move=True stuff in G2spc.GenAtom? & force molecule centers to …
(edit) @1470   7 years vondreele fix missing 'outChannels' from imtrl files fix bug re missing …
(edit) @1469   7 years vondreele still mixed up
(edit) @1468   7 years vondreele whoops wrong file
(edit) @1467   7 years vondreele Add MCSA example files
(edit) @1466   7 years vondreele make extinction math use FcTsq? not Fcsq fix 3D HKL point lighting fix …
(edit) @1465   7 years vondreele added mod to ImageIntegrate? requested by Steven Weigand - return NST …
(edit) @1464   7 years vondreele change sig-q & beta-q functionality to be 1/d2 - seems to work better
(edit) @1463   7 years vondreele fix motion position in q & d plots
(edit) @1462   7 years vondreele add sig-2 to TOF profile coeff. new d-spacing plot option
(edit) @1461   7 years vondreele modify xye import to not divide by CW (channel width)for TOF data. NB: …
(edit) @1460   7 years vondreele fix missing radius Factor for MC/SA plots add Prfo, Abs & xt to …
(edit) @1459   7 years vondreele add instrument parameters (flight path & detector 2-theta) needed for …
(edit) @1456   7 years vondreele consolidate HKLF parts of dervRefine & HessRefine? into new routine dervHKLF
(edit) @1455   7 years vondreele fix ddata copy flags so it copies extinction models as well as refine …
(edit) @1454   7 years vondreele corrections to SC extinction - now better
(edit) @1453   7 years vondreele get HKLF data type into RefDict? create a SetDefaultDData routine in …
(edit) @1452   7 years toby fix bug that shows up in numpy 1.8
(edit) @1451   7 years toby Cleanup Instrument Parms bug due to reformat of peak list
(edit) @1450   7 years toby minor cleanups of Phase GUI
(edit) @1449   7 years toby print pillow version
(edit) @1448   7 years toby quick wx2.9+ fixes
(edit) @1447   7 years toby address strange EPD7.3.2 bug with : in float formatting
(edit) @1446   7 years vondreele add new import routine for JANA2000 single xtal files from ISIS
(edit) @1445   7 years vondreele add error bars to calibration plot disable Autosearch if peaks already …
(edit) @1444   7 years toby update 32-bit mac binaries (from Aug 2013)
(edit) @1443   7 years vondreele add calibration of lam, difC, etc. from index peak positions new …
(edit) @1442   7 years vondreele Add 3D plotting for structure factors for both HKLF & PWDR
(edit) @1441   7 years vondreele include option to plot unit structure factors (equal circles)
(edit) @1440   7 years vondreele missing stuff in Fit peaks tutorial & add comment about Show hkl positions.
(edit) @1439   7 years vondreele add difB as a term in d3 for TOF - trial a patch for old files for …
(edit) @1438   7 years vondreele missed the code for the Alt key fix
(edit) @1437   7 years vondreele try again
(edit) @1436   7 years vondreele new binaries
(edit) @1435   7 years vondreele modify comments about use of Alt key
(edit) @1434   7 years vondreele fix properties
(edit) @1433   7 years vondreele fix?
(edit) @1432   7 years vondreele fix?
(edit) @1431   7 years vondreele add new files
(edit) @1430   7 years vondreele remove old files
(edit) @1429   7 years vondreele put in new parametric fit files
(edit) @1428   7 years vondreele fixes to element stuff cleanout old parametric fitting files
(edit) @1427   7 years vondreele revised tutorial
(edit) @1426   7 years vondreele new stress/strain tutorial
(edit) @1425   7 years vondreele still more tutorial cleanup
(edit) @1424   7 years vondreele more tutorial cleanup
(edit) @1423   7 years vondreele remove old tutorials
(edit) @1422   7 years vondreele update Calib area det tutorial
(edit) @1421   8 years vondreele add missing figures
(edit) @1420   8 years vondreele fix plot error with sqrt fix image use default problem with detdepth …
(edit) @1419   8 years vondreele stop copy of threshold masks from one image to another
(edit) @1418   8 years vondreele fix HKLF imports for mmcif data fix some nDig entries for …
(edit) @1417   8 years vondreele missed a couple of lines
(edit) @1416   8 years vondreele fix wx c++ error in Constraints after a Refine
(edit) @1415   8 years vondreele fixed errors in G2strIO: missing exclude of 'Source' for Iparm I/O …
(edit) @1414   8 years toby Add use column to sequential fitting; remove unused points from fit
(edit) @1413   8 years toby Add config support; default expressions
(edit) @1412   8 years vondreele fix theta vs 2-theta error in peak fitting; gave wrong sig,gam vs …
(edit) @1411   8 years vondreele remove unused reference to z-matrix RBs noted in comment about …
(edit) @1410   8 years toby fix number formatting in FormatValue? to be closer to Fortran, but …
(edit) @1409   8 years toby more problems with older GPX files
(edit) @1408   8 years toby now really fix Mike's problem
(edit) @1407   8 years vondreele implement copy equation in parametric stuff
(edit) @1406   8 years toby bug fix for older GPX files with tuples in instrument parameters
(edit) @1405   8 years vondreele fix strain math - remove extra tan(theta) term now [111] & [222] match
(edit) @1404   8 years toby Add edit single value for Inst & Sample prms; new Select1Var dialog
(edit) @1403   8 years vondreele allow renaming of multiple columns in seq refinement results allow …
(edit) @1402   8 years vondreele make pseudovariables work for strain seq. results fix Pos2dsp for TOF …
(edit) @1401   8 years vondreele trap keystrokes for powder plots when data window not on powder info.
(edit) @1400   8 years toby validatedtextcrtl fixes; add checkbox to scrolledmultieditor; print …
(edit) @1399   8 years vondreele allow D (&T) for hydrogen atom types allow ge* for image extensions …
(edit) @1398   8 years toby add event.Skip to focus event handler, as per recommendation from Robin
(edit) @1397   8 years toby Allow use of Image from pillow in place of PIL
(edit) @1396   8 years toby fix bugs in multieq seq fits; print results better
(edit) @1395   8 years vondreele typo for Ce data
(edit) @1394   8 years vondreele restore old GetTthAzmDsp? for calibration & strain fitting & use new …
(edit) @1393   8 years vondreele fix math errors in GetTthAzmDsp? - now checked
(edit) @1392   8 years vondreele Speedup GetTthAzmDsp? - ~40% improvement add size item to UpdateImageData?
(edit) @1391   8 years vondreele remove stray prints Breit-Wigner & Lynn & Seeger neutron anomalous …
(edit) @1390   8 years toby revise start, sort out phase fraction vs scale factor label, add …
(edit) @1389   8 years vondreele fix format of image center in GUI - now two rows..
(edit) @1388   8 years vondreele change strain exercise data
(edit) @1387   8 years vondreele fixes to seq display for strain refinements get sign right on strain calcs
(edit) @1386   8 years vondreele fix stress strain data references
(edit) @1385   8 years vondreele typo!
(edit) @1384   8 years vondreele Add option for additional 1/cos(2theta) correction for SASD. Add …
(edit) @1383   8 years toby fix bug where 'zero' rotations flips structure plot
(edit) @1382   8 years vondreele fix plot issues with positioning of reflections & diff curve
(edit) @1381   8 years toby fix blank initial GL window for structure
(edit) @1380   8 years vondreele sequential refinement of strain from IMG data and plotting of seq …
(edit) @1379   8 years toby more wx2.9: partial fix for GL, fails until rotated, etc.
(edit) @1378   8 years toby wxPython 2.9 fixes: FlexGridSizer?, wx.Colour, MacOpenFile?; move bind …
(edit) @1377   8 years vondreele set pixLimit to search a 40x40 pixel box for image Calibrate modify …
(edit) @1376   8 years vondreele fix problem in LoadControls? fix integration result names
(edit) @1375   8 years vondreele stress/strain copy, save, load fixes
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