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(edit) @4971   11 months vondreele
(edit) @4969   11 months toby move hist/phase docs to Phase/Data? section; cleanup
(edit) @4968   11 months toby finish hist/phase tree entry; create new help file for it(incomplete)
(edit) @4966   11 months vondreele revise help items - new enties
(edit) @4964   11 months toby divide up help into a few files
(edit) @4963   11 months vondreele
(edit) @4896   13 months toby minor updates powder plot help
(edit) @4895   13 months toby allow w to be on before publish; update powder plot help
(edit) @4873   14 months toby add tutorial to index/web page
(edit) @4845   15 months toby Tutorial #50 now in web page
(edit) @4833   15 months toby popup menu for GSGrids; split off sequential display; rename File menu …
(edit) @4784   16 months toby more help prose
(edit) @4783   16 months toby wx4.1 updates; new CIF data item; scripting: peak fit details …
(edit) @4682   17 months toby improve refinement messages; help info
(edit) @4668   18 months toby updates to refinement options
(edit) @4664   18 months toby pretty up Controls panel; add & update help
(edit) @4659   18 months toby extensive Origin 1->2 updates; merge SetupGeneral? into a single …
(edit) @4654   19 months toby new video tutorial; misc minor RB GUI fixes for Windows; option to …
(edit) @4632   19 months toby add new tutorials
(edit) @4621   19 months toby misc help info
(edit) @4469   2 years toby fix for TOF simulation scripting; improve peak selection status line …
(edit) @4463   2 years toby Redisplay structure after a shift-click to select an atom; update plot …
(edit) @4381   2 years toby update tutorial listing
(edit) @4131   3 years toby restore videos, deal with failure to test if files are present
(edit) @4111   3 years toby move GetPhaseData? inside histogram loop so sym constraints are …
(edit) @4061   3 years toby revise PNG files for "libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB …
(edit) @3977   3 years toby Update help info for Sample Parms & add help button
(edit) @3749   3 years toby note video Mirror
(edit) @3743   3 years toby update doc links
(edit) @3718   4 years toby restore lost Hold list; new tutorials; cleanup naming in constraint docs
(edit) @3637   4 years toby update magnetic tutorial listings
(edit) @3599   4 years toby remove vars from constraints (see G2obj.removeNonRefined); new tutorial
(edit) @3559   4 years toby revise tutorial web page & remove remaining refs to Exercises directory
(edit) @3553   4 years toby finish web tutorials for now
(edit) @3552   4 years toby start adding video tutorials
(edit) @3544   4 years toby add 2nd calibration tutorial, add to index & add video links
(edit) @3506   4 years svnjenkins fix scriptable problem due to change in Restraints; update Tutorials; …
(edit) @3417   4 years toby change order of Rietveld tutorials to make Garnet 1st, as suggested by …
(edit) @3386   4 years toby reformat tutorial web page
(edit) @3382   4 years toby update tutorials on web
(edit) @3344   4 years toby add more publication plot options
(edit) @3343   4 years toby add to web page listing
(edit) @3270   4 years toby revise plot update code; add plotting docs & cleanup; always use last …
(edit) @3265   4 years toby fix multiple typos reported by user
(edit) @3236   4 years toby New simulation tutorial, fix
(edit) @3235   4 years toby New simulation tutorial
(edit) @3207   4 years toby New command-line tutorial
(edit) @3193   4 years toby better error msg w/o calibrant; search comments when Sample Parameters …
(edit) @3135   5 years toby create tutorials list from info in
(edit) @3128   5 years toby spell check
(edit) @3126   5 years toby proxy fix; document Phase/Data? tab in help
(edit) @3102   5 years toby docs for G2scripting; start thinking about how to postpone G2path.SetBinary?
(edit) @2833   5 years toby documentation updates
(edit) @2832   5 years toby documentation updates
(edit) @2653   5 years toby fix Update bug; Enhancements for Peak List: widen selected peak line; …
(edit) @2611   5 years toby Change PDF defaults; option for multiple element addition (added to …
(edit) @2609   5 years toby add index at top of help
(edit) @2607   5 years toby redo help to use DataFrame? helpKey; define .dataFrame.helpKey; rename …
(edit) @2606   5 years toby reorg help in prep for redo of help code
(edit) @2605   5 years toby more info on peak width plots
(edit) @2603   5 years toby more editing of masks: Put up more title, allow RB to cancel; create …
(edit) @2602   5 years toby redo drawing and editing of masks, document; add transfer angles to …
(edit) @2545   6 years vondreele fix help GSASII by edit in Word?
(edit) @2509   6 years toby fixes to help
(edit) @2378   6 years toby New tutorial interface
(edit) @2362   6 years toby fix bug due to addition of CorrectionCode? to InstParms?
(edit) @2344   6 years toby add option to correct data on import
(edit) @2338   6 years toby restore missing help files, fix import of new .imgctrl to table
(edit) @2332   6 years vondreele
(edit) @2331   6 years vondreele missing tutorial directories in MT
(edit) @2100   6 years vondreele add CFXraySingleCrystal to list of tutorials fix bug in AtomInsert? - …
(edit) @1911   7 years toby add new tutorial & cleanup
(edit) @1871   7 years toby add missing tutorials
(edit) @1868   7 years toby error in tutorial link
(edit) @1850   7 years toby fix empty directories
(edit) @1794   7 years toby remove older tutorial section -- long overdue
(edit) @1748   7 years toby Major cleanup of Tutorials (help) and Exercises
(edit) @1719   7 years toby implement default starting and import directories
(edit) @1716   7 years vondreele missing images
(edit) @1712   7 years vondreele 2 missing image files
(edit) @1711   7 years vondreele add 4 missing image calibration files
(edit) @1709   7 years toby change sphinx docs links; rebuild & fixing minor formatting
(edit) @1706   7 years toby finish with new Tutorial/Exercise? locs/links
(edit) @1654   7 years vondreele update image calibration tutorial
(edit) @1649   7 years vondreele add all TOF tutorial directories & data into new structure
(edit) @1627   7 years toby fixes to seq results display & update tutorials
(edit) @1624   7 years toby update seq tutorial
(edit) @1571   8 years vondreele fix typos in small angle tutorials add menu with copy & reset to …
(edit) @1536   8 years toby address missing images in jaderite charge flip
(edit) @1535   8 years toby address missing images in jaderite charge flip
(edit) @1514   8 years toby set flags etc.
(edit) @1478   8 years vondreele Fix CW & TOF hydrostatic strain calculations & change disply formats …
(edit) @1475   8 years vondreele add MCSA tutorial to main gsasII.html web page change difB tern from …
(edit) @1474   8 years vondreele 1st MC/SA tutorial various MC/SA fixes fix to background peak fitting …
(edit) @1470   8 years vondreele fix missing 'outChannels' from imtrl files fix bug re missing …
(edit) @1440   8 years vondreele missing stuff in Fit peaks tutorial & add comment about Show hkl positions.
(edit) @1435   8 years vondreele modify comments about use of Alt key
(edit) @1434   8 years vondreele fix properties
(edit) @1433   8 years vondreele fix?
(edit) @1432   8 years vondreele fix?
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