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(edit) @4658   13 months toby implement package version checking; fix broken mpl pick code
(edit) @4364   21 months toby minor docs changes; remove remaining .xor. reference
(edit) @4362   21 months toby doc stuff
(edit) @4361   21 months toby fix hist CIF export, remove dev. ver of IntPDFtool
(edit) @4336   21 months toby new docs section
(edit) @4335   21 months toby add autoInt routine, add f-test; updates for documentation
(edit) @4318   22 months toby minor table adjustments & finally figure out Angstrom for LaTeX and …
(edit) @4249   23 months toby fix bug version in PIL/pillow
(edit) @4213   2 years toby multiple small changes to allow docs build under 3.x
(edit) @4205   2 years toby try to fix RTD table wrapping, see …
(edit) @4198   2 years toby doc improvements; new scripting options (rev. sequential & set …
(edit) @4001   3 years toby add SeqRes? section to scriptable; minor docs cleanup; show cell even …
(edit) @3858   3 years toby stupid Py3 syntax error; docs updates
(edit) @3857   3 years toby Fix scriptable to work w/o wx & mpl; reorg of docs
(edit) @3828   3 years toby fix cif export w/unused histogram; switch 3.x imports to pickle w/warn …
(edit) @3823   3 years toby attempt to fix more broken doc references
(edit) @3822   3 years toby fixing a broken doc reference?
(edit) @3571   3 years toby Add FPA peak fitting
(edit) @3288   4 years toby Add plot magnification; misc plot fixes
(edit) @3270   4 years toby revise plot update code; add plotting docs & cleanup; always use last …
(edit) @3238   4 years toby doc/tutorial updates
(edit) @3190   4 years toby Search through comments for values of sample parameters & and labels …
(edit) @3188   4 years toby missing new doc file
(edit) @3187   4 years toby misc docs cleanups; add 1-ID metadata reader & new config variable
(edit) @3102   4 years toby docs for G2scripting; start thinking about how to postpone G2path.SetBinary?
(edit) @3000   4 years toby make the two frame version the trunk as we hit version 3000
(edit) @2832   5 years toby documentation updates
(edit) @2818   5 years vondreele add GetPhaseNames?(fl) to G2obj - uses opened gpx file fix …
(edit) @2817   5 years vondreele major revision - move all importers to GSASIIobj & make them …
(edit) @2805   5 years toby change docs to list the version number
(edit) @2804   5 years toby change docs to list the version number
(edit) @2802   5 years toby updates for doc build
(edit) @2764   5 years toby formatting changes for docs; add debug to
(edit) @2479   5 years toby Rework plotting to refresh after refinements
(edit) @2087   6 years toby change error handling if h5py not installed; add new condition …
(edit) @2068   6 years toby cleanup image reader documetation
(edit) @2037   6 years toby last round RTFD build fixes?
(edit) @2035   6 years toby try RTFD build again with new approach
(edit) @2032   6 years toby try RTFD build again
(edit) @2031   6 years toby try RTFD build again
(edit) @2030   6 years toby try RTFD build again
(edit) @2029   6 years toby try RTFD build again
(add) @2027   6 years toby duplicate sphinx files for ReadTheDocs? trial
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