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(edit) @5025   5 weeks vondreele Add shell plots to 3D reflection plots. Fix escape character issues …
(edit) @5003   3 months toby redo LeBail? msg to show up only after screen paint & only show what is …
(edit) @4980   4 months toby Fix coeff. display for EQUIV
(edit) @4901   6 months toby add TOF corrections on read in scripts
(edit) @4880   6 months toby implement constraints in scriptable, part 3; misc docs fixes
(edit) @4879   6 months toby implement constraints in scriptable, part 2
(edit) @4878   6 months toby implement constraints in scriptable, part 1
(edit) @4821   8 months toby new peakfit mode in scripting: allow peak width terms to remain …
(edit) @4783   9 months toby wx4.1 updates; new CIF data item; scripting: peak fit details …
(edit) @4782   9 months toby scripting fix; wx4.1 RB fixes
(edit) @4765   9 months toby MPL 3.3.x fix; scripting docs
(edit) @4764   9 months toby HessianLSQ: force vars to float; small wx 4.1 fixes; scriptable: more …
(edit) @4671   10 months vondreele add refinable multiplier for a fixed background; multiplier is now …
(edit) @4659   11 months toby extensive Origin 1->2 updates; merge SetupGeneral? into a single …
(edit) @4654   11 months toby new video tutorial; misc minor RB GUI fixes for Windows; option to …
(edit) @4636   12 months toby fixes for sphinx docs
(edit) @4635   12 months vondreele change all 'Ur' to 'r' in open commands double all '\' in G2scriptable …
(edit) @4607   12 months toby make patch create missing entries
(edit) @4590   12 months toby complete scripting for Parameter Limits
(edit) @4588   12 months toby use G2VarObj for param limits; add more info to seq. ref. done dialog; …
(edit) @4578   13 months toby docs for freezing parameters started + docs cleanup; start scriptable …
(edit) @4551   14 months toby fix name wipe out bug
(edit) @4527   15 months toby limits bug in hist.EditSimulated?; add default for do_refinements(); …
(edit) @4518   15 months toby start on fullrmc update for 5.0; fix for rigid bodies
(edit) @4517   16 months toby doc build issues
(edit) @4515   16 months toby new capability: general parameter access
(edit) @4469   17 months toby fix for TOF simulation scripting; improve peak selection status line …
(edit) @4421   17 months toby add R.B. extractor; misc doc updates; plt bug after strip Hs; grid …
(edit) @4411   18 months toby bug in CIF export; misc cleanup
(edit) @4409   18 months toby select bank for scripting simulation
(edit) @4399   18 months toby major refactoring & corrections to ISODISTORT mode import and computations
(edit) @4334   20 months vondreele make new f(q) & g(r) files suitable for RMCProfile. The g(r) == PDF. …
(edit) @4327   20 months toby misc doc updates
(edit) @4326   20 months toby initialize exports before histogram export
(edit) @4324   20 months vondreele revised auto spot finder; set default esdMul = 3 everywhere try …
(edit) @4317   20 months vondreele make esd multiplier for spot mask search a float add timing to it
(edit) @4307   20 months toby pretty up docs
(edit) @4305   20 months toby improve docs
(edit) @4304   20 months toby add sample broadening to scriptable
(edit) @4303   20 months toby fix scriptable for multiple image files and xfer correction in @4286
(edit) @4301   20 months toby initialize SpotMask? for image import
(edit) @4239   22 months toby fix multi-image use in scripts; work on 32-bit windows build
(edit) @4211   22 months toby add, correcting for assumed error in XScattDen
(edit) @4207   22 months toby add density to scripting
(edit) @4203   22 months toby Add close and composition to G2scriptable; more doc updates
(edit) @4201   22 months vondreele add new chebyschev-1 background function; matches that from old gsas. …
(edit) @4198   23 months toby doc improvements; new scripting options (rev. sequential & set …
(edit) @4187   2 years toby Add dummy flag for scripted simulations; fix command line file read on Mac
(edit) @4162   2 years toby more doc fixes
(edit) @4161   2 years toby doc fixes
(edit) @4133   2 years toby seq ref: copynext for phase parms or get from SeqRef? table
(edit) @4128   2 years toby fix Sphinx formatting
(edit) @4127   2 years toby fix indent
(edit) @4126   2 years toby finish multi-distance fitting and example
(edit) @4124   2 years toby scriptable docs
(edit) @4120   2 years toby scripting: add reflection gen; check formatting
(edit) @4119   2 years toby add reflection output in scripting
(edit) @4088   2 years toby Add scripting peak retrieval & document
(edit) @4053   2 years toby complete multiprocessing & caching of maps; results not yet tested
(edit) @4049   2 years toby better Export error msg
(edit) @4039   2 years toby turn off refinement for simulation
(edit) @4031   2 years toby introduce external autoInt
(edit) @4023   2 years toby docs formatting
(edit) @4021   2 years toby implement filter for screen messages; start to replace print() with …
(edit) @4015   2 years toby add setHAPvalues to scriptable; disable import G(r) because broken
(edit) @4005   2 years toby improve scripting for HAP vars; minor doc changes
(edit) @4003   2 years toby fix subtle bug in plotCovar where cursor showed only initial vals; add …
(edit) @4001   2 years toby add SeqRes? section to scriptable; minor docs cleanup; show cell even …
(edit) @3999   2 years toby reorg PDF computation/save as non-GUI code, add PDF to scriptable, doc …
(edit) @3970   2 years toby Py3 bug on Pawley Estimate; Scriptable corrections
(edit) @3959   2 years toby Bugs from Ivo: scripting & seq. table plotting; script addition for …
(edit) @3857   3 years toby Fix scriptable to work w/o wx & mpl; reorg of docs
(edit) @3849   3 years toby finish sequential ref. via scripting; doc updates
(edit) @3845   3 years toby more sequential timing; doc fixes for scriptable
(edit) @3844   3 years vondreele blksize = 256 in scriptable as well
(edit) @3843   3 years vondreele change image integration block size to 256 from 1024 - 3x faster …
(edit) @3841   3 years vondreele fix problem if image calibrant isn't in local calibration files fix …
(edit) @3840   3 years toby fix scriptable read of TOF; fraction editor for wx 3.0
(edit) @3836   3 years toby add timing for SeqRef?; error msg for unlinked hists in scriptable
(edit) @3834   3 years toby set idstring for simulations as needed; thanx to Thomas Proffen
(edit) @3833   3 years toby add bkg peaks to ref dict & reorg docs
(edit) @3831   3 years toby add background peaks set/control
(edit) @3828   3 years toby fix cif export w/unused histogram; switch 3.x imports to pickle w/warn …
(edit) @3822   3 years toby fixing a broken doc reference?
(edit) @3820   3 years toby implement integration in scripting
(edit) @3815   3 years toby Add recalibrate & more image load/set routines
(edit) @3814   3 years toby refactor to move some IO-only routines; add initial image support to …
(edit) @3811   3 years toby scriptable: fix reading py2 gpx in py3 & use of multi-set instprm files
(edit) @3809   3 years toby update scriptable to handle banks in data/inst files
(edit) @3506   3 years svnjenkins fix scriptable problem due to change in Restraints; update Tutorials; …
(edit) @3504   3 years svnjenkins scripting: fix mustrain refine use; add size value
(edit) @3439   3 years toby more scripting peaks stuff
(edit) @3438   3 years vondreele g2strIO fix magnetic hkl extinctions in reflection generation remove …
(edit) @3437   3 years toby fix bugs after replacing w/space group button in xform; save …
(edit) @3365   3 years vondreele remove qplot,dplot, etc from PWDR data[0] dict - weren't ever used …
(edit) @3294   4 years toby more doc fixes
(edit) @3292   4 years toby rework Scriptable docs
(edit) @3290   4 years toby scripting doc updates; magnification Py3 updates
(edit) @3270   4 years toby revise plot update code; add plotting docs & cleanup; always use last …
(edit) @3253   4 years toby remove extraneous reload; improve scriptable docs
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