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(edit) @3123   4 years toby do update when load of binaries fails; improve docs and bug fixes in …
(edit) @3102   4 years toby docs for G2scripting; start thinking about how to postpone G2path.SetBinary?
(edit) @3098   4 years toby fix powder data import errors with G2scriptable
(edit) @3091   4 years odonnell more documentation for G2Project
(edit) @3090   4 years odonnell more refinement specifier documentation
(edit) @3085   4 years odonnell removed comments, started documenting refinement specifiers
(edit) @3069   4 years odonnell phase and histogram access works without G2obj
(edit) @3067   4 years odonnell Remove some index_id calls
(edit) @3026   4 years odonnell add uiso setter
(edit) @3023   4 years odonnell remove wx dependency for GSASIIscriptable
(edit) @3022   4 years odonnell new pId/hId setters, factor out hist/phase linking code
(edit) @3016   4 years odonnell WIP
(edit) @3015   4 years odonnell refactor do_refinements
(edit) @3012   4 years odonnell Switch to argparse, fixed bug with .instprm files
(edit) @3011   4 years odonnell CIF export. changelist: * Start using argparse module in …
(edit) @3009   4 years odonnell more documentation changes, removed (phase|histogram)_names, add occupancy
(edit) @3007   4 years odonnell G2Project.refine does not back up, refactored phase/histogram access, …
(edit) @3000   4 years toby make the two frame version the trunk as we hit version 3000
(edit) @2836   5 years vondreele fixes to scripts & fxye importer
(edit) @2835   5 years vondreele add self.scriptable=False to ImportBaseClass? set it True in various …
(edit) @2825   5 years vondreele remove two prints from fix seq results bug for …
(edit) @2822   5 years vondreele provide comments for
(edit) @2821   5 years vondreele revisions to GSASIIscriptable - now works for reading PWDR data
(edit) @2820   5 years vondreele PWDR import now scriptable for single bank patterns
(edit) @2817   5 years vondreele major revision - move all importers to GSASIIobj & make them …
(add) @2816   5 years vondreele add new module which has routines for …
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