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(edit) @4994   4 months toby fix proxy from env var
(edit) @4989   4 months toby more proxy stuff
(edit) @4987   4 months toby duplicate Seq->csv export; set svn proxy from environment variables
(edit) @4976   4 months toby Mac M1 changes
(edit) @4887   6 months toby deal with 0 on elem sym; save binary path; support ..._exec in config
(edit) @4741   10 months toby deal with install python not matching target system
(edit) @4740   10 months toby more install work
(edit) @4732   10 months toby workarounds for missing files
(edit) @4687   10 months toby Add e key for excluded region creation; switch to hist in tree after m …
(edit) @4645   12 months toby more workarounds for Mac svn checksum problem
(edit) @4640   12 months toby workarounds for Mac svn checksum problem
(edit) @4515   16 months toby new capability: general parameter access
(edit) @4487   17 months toby abort on Complete Molecule optional; bypass decode error
(edit) @4439   17 months toby bootstrap w/selected binary; update svn switch cmd; save build output
(edit) @4396   19 months toby improve end-of-life message, add tools to run bash/bat scripts outside …
(edit) @4352   20 months toby expand proxy GUI for more lines
(edit) @4346   20 months toby implement additional proxy access (documented in …
(edit) @4213   23 months toby multiple small changes to allow docs build under 3.x
(edit) @4155   2 years toby better error reporting w/bad, make copy & overwrite on save
(edit) @4154   2 years toby allow open of multiple GPX files on Mac
(edit) @4091   2 years toby delay close process until after update on Linux & Mac
(edit) @4085   2 years toby Add menu accelerator keys & recently used menu
(edit) @3971   2 years toby skip exception processing from inside Spyder & if IPython is not present
(edit) @3962   2 years toby rework updating of plots after a refinement
(edit) @3960   2 years toby add more svn cleanup attempts
(edit) @3954   2 years toby add cleanup if svn error for svn switch & update
(edit) @3776   3 years toby match new bootstrap option
(edit) @3720   3 years toby correct lattice docs; try new IPython 1st for IPyBreak
(edit) @3518   3 years toby proxy/binary load fixes
(edit) @3513   3 years svnjenkins more svn diagnostics
(edit) @3438   3 years vondreele g2strIO fix magnetic hkl extinctions in reflection generation remove …
(edit) @3420   3 years vondreele update hkl lines after spin change (still does nothing, but this is …
(edit) @3372   3 years vondreele disable printing of debug info for binary location & config controls …
(edit) @3303   4 years toby Py3 fixes for svn self-update
(edit) @3251   4 years toby shorten seq. ref. header; misc cleanups
(edit) @3246   4 years toby cif export: use sig for x,x,x positions etc; column order for seq …
(edit) @3179   4 years toby Py3: sys.platform is linux rather than linux2
(edit) @3167   4 years toby Misc Py3 fixes
(edit) @3154   4 years vondreele new & imporved spot mask routines: manual spot mask now fits position …
(edit) @3136   4 years vondreele make GSAS-II python 3.6 compliant & preserve python 2.7 use;changes: …
(edit) @3135   4 years toby create tutorials list from info in
(edit) @3129   4 years toby bug fixes
(edit) @3127   4 years toby minor change to G2path print statement
(edit) @3126   4 years toby proxy fix; document Phase/Data? tab in help
(edit) @3125   4 years vondreele make python3 compatible change print statements
(edit) @3123   4 years toby do update when load of binaries fails; improve docs and bug fixes in …
(edit) @3093   4 years toby fix multiprocessing with constraints
(edit) @3077   4 years toby fix bug on svn check
(edit) @3075   4 years toby Allow editing of proxy info
(edit) @3025   4 years toby work on installation issues
(edit) @3001   4 years toby remove 2frame ref from Help menu
(edit) @3000   4 years toby make the two frame version the trunk as we hit version 3000
(edit) @2936   4 years toby bail out when bin lookup fails
(edit) @2925   4 years toby add switch to 2frame; allow for latest G2path
(edit) @2904   4 years toby try to fix Docs build
(edit) @2903   4 years toby try to fix Docs build
(edit) @2902   4 years toby try to fix Docs build
(edit) @2901   4 years toby try to fix Docs build
(edit) @2887   4 years toby setup & use bindist location for downloaded binaries
(edit) @2852   4 years toby cleanup GSASIIpath to only load one bin directory into path and to …
(edit) @2682   5 years toby fix EditTable? bug
(edit) @2607   5 years toby redo help to use DataFrame? helpKey; define .dataFrame.helpKey; rename …
(edit) @2566   5 years toby AutoInt? win-only problem; update for IPython 5 debug
(edit) @2455   5 years vondreele implement Clip_on as config parameter with True as default
(edit) @2404   5 years toby Fix problem saving windows paths
(edit) @2401   5 years vondreele begin adding magnetism; change space group fortran code modify …
(edit) @2378   5 years toby New tutorial interface
(edit) @2347   5 years vondreele implement Steven Weigand's fixes for Pilatus 'I' for 'L' do a 'fix' …
(edit) @2337   5 years toby add svn locations for constructor-anaconda install
(edit) @2134   6 years toby better display of G2 version number
(edit) @1971   6 years toby Add preferences option to edit configuration options
(edit) @1729   7 years toby switch default download dir; remove old tutorial help item; pretty-up …
(edit) @1701   7 years toby more tutorial fixes
(edit) @1696   7 years toby more work on seq. ref. with differing variables; rework svn interface; …
(edit) @1688   7 years toby allow non-identical sequential refinement when copynext is not used …
(edit) @1676   7 years toby Ignore equivalences that are not in use; start on svn switch …
(edit) @1657   7 years toby migrate help from G2grid; set instparms in Powder imports; seach for …
(edit) @1566   7 years toby move debug invovation after parse of most routines; remove traceback …
(edit) @1563   7 years toby manage with IPython 0.12 from EPD
(edit) @1558   7 years toby add some debug options with pdb and IPython
(edit) @1557   7 years toby add trust opt to svn update
(edit) @1556   7 years toby add trust opt to svn update
(edit) @1555   7 years toby add trust opt to svn update
(edit) @1554   7 years toby testing svn -trust changes
(edit) @1553   7 years toby fix .bat file for paths with spaces; start on svn -trust changes
(edit) @1513   7 years toby update and rebuild docs
(edit) @1512   7 years toby implement logging and config storage
(edit) @1413   7 years toby Add config support; default expressions
(edit) @1355   7 years toby initial 10.9/Canopy fixes
(edit) @1047   8 years toby change update for new windows; improve About box
(edit) @1020   8 years toby fix Matt's path bug; minor disagl cleanup
(edit) @989   8 years toby add constraint derivs for single xtal; allow cellFill to work without …
(edit) @981   8 years toby introduce regress option; fix esd printing; more docs; new Mac app …
(edit) @939   8 years toby fix & cleanup unit tests; add/change doc strings for sphinx; add all …
(edit) @772   9 years vondreele add a print for bindir. Shows up at very beginning of GSAS-II startup.
(edit) @762   9 years toby update py files to use native line ends, add update from svn to help …
(edit) @660   9 years toby try revision number tracking
(edit) @584   9 years vondreele add coding line everywhere more options in sample parm copy
(edit) @558   10 years toby access special binary directory for OS X 10.5
(edit) @280   10 years vondreele update binlinux2.6-64
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