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(edit) @758   9 years vondreele fix in sph. harm. for hex/rhom/trig fix for view dir in plots remove a …
(edit) @736   9 years vondreele add space group choice to cell indexing page
(edit) @584   10 years vondreele add coding line everywhere more options in sample parm copy
(edit) @582   10 years vondreele fix to load image controls fix to sph harmonics calc
(edit) @520   10 years vondreele separate getHKLmax
(edit) @432   10 years vondreele remove test prints from GSASIIIO new Gmat2AB routine work on the DData …
(edit) @395   10 years vondreele Add goniometer omega, chi & phi to sample data put SH texture in …
(edit) @391   10 years vondreele set default atom frac=1 for cif files store covMatrix not normalized …
(edit) @384   10 years vondreele add constraint & restraint items to tree - now empty fix noncentro …
(edit) @380   10 years vondreele completed Rietveld refinement version
(edit) @379   10 years vondreele finish spherical harmonics preferred orientation
(edit) @378   10 years vondreele a Pawley intensity fix, format fixes & Sph. Harm PO correction
(edit) @375   10 years vondreele - add Pawley estimator to menu - fix …
(edit) @360   10 years vondreele just backup before trip
(edit) @353   10 years vondreele modify psvfcj.for to use sh/l only add derivative routine to …
(edit) @342   10 years vondreele major modifications to get 1st "working" version of Refine Add …
(edit) @326   10 years vondreele remove cf2py add inverse polefigure
(edit) @313   10 years vondreele work on texture display & computation
(edit) @312   10 years vondreele implement refinement of zero point as part of cell refinement
(edit) @311   10 years vondreele finish new indexing refinement stuff more on texture plotting
(edit) @303   10 years vondreele Allow reading of xye (Topas style) files Begin implementation of …
(edit) @296   10 years vondreele major change to peak fitting in & "Auto …
(edit) @264   11 years vondreele begin implementation of pdf generation - work in progress modify image …
(edit) @230   11 years vondreele add svn keywords & add log intensity plotting
(edit) @193   11 years vondreele various fixes, but still bugs. - add more sample parameters …
(edit) @189   11 years vondreele change names in GenHKLLaue to conform to general usage
(edit) @166   11 years vondreele fixups of atom editing/atom drawing
(edit) @164   11 years vondreele more parameters
(edit) @162   11 years toby change rhomb permutation list to remove Fridel pairs
(edit) @158   11 years vondreele implement drawing options: select atom hilites movable test point & …
(edit) @155   11 years vondreele changes for structure drawing
(edit) @110   11 years vondreel resolved
(edit) @109   11 years toby fix up GenHLaue
(edit) @108   11 years vondreel fix to GenHlaue?; add Hx2Rh & Rh2Hx mod to ReadPDBPhase to use np.inner …
(edit) @105   11 years vondreel fix doc in cell2AB
(edit) @103   11 years toby add more Laue classes to self test (now fails); move source library
(edit) @102   11 years toby add space group list; fix minor bugs in GenHLaue & add unit test
(edit) @93   11 years toby G2lattice: add GetBraviasNum? to interface GenHBravais to …
(edit) @78   11 years vondreel split IndexPeaks?, etc. from & put in new
(edit) @76   11 years vondreel After merge with BT mods
(edit) @73   11 years vondreel remove Bob's bad code & simplify calc_rVsq
(edit) @71   12 years toby Update orthogonalization routine w/unit-tests
(add) @70   12 years toby move lattice operations into GSASIIlattice w/unit tests
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