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(edit) @230   13 years vondreele add svn keywords & add log intensity plotting
(edit) @229   13 years vondreele add svn keywords & self.logPlot
(edit) @226   13 years vondreele can read APS Gold tif files
(edit) @225   13 years vondreele fixes to window positioning around task bar
(edit) @193   13 years vondreele various fixes, but still bugs. - add more sample parameters …
(edit) @186   13 years vondreele add "solve" to menu Pawley fixes
(edit) @182   13 years vondreele
(edit) @179   13 years vondreele add new sample environment parameters
(edit) @174   13 years vondreele improve powder pattern contour plotting
(edit) @171   13 years vondreele read phase from cif file fix esd output for powder data …
(edit) @169   13 years vondreele remove undo from make numpy arrays of xyz powder data fixup …
(edit) @167   13 years vondreele image fixes for offset detector drawing/phase fixes
(edit) @166   13 years vondreele fixups of atom editing/atom drawing
(edit) @164   13 years vondreele more parameters
(edit) @163   13 years vondreele new versions
(edit) @161   13 years vondreele implement hardcopy (jpeg, tiff & bmp) output of structure drawings
(edit) @155   13 years vondreele changes for structure drawing
(edit) @144   13 years vondreel cosmetic change
(edit) @142   13 years vondreel major refactor of phase editing, EXP & PDB import replace "general" …
(edit) @135   13 years vondreel remove "GSASII" and "menu" from all names originally put in by …
(edit) @122   13 years vondreel implement .gpx file name on GSASII command line fixes for integrate all
(edit) @94   13 years vondreel move all fortran to fsource add gray for readonly textctrl do polygon …
(edit) @87   13 years vondreel "Spots" in Masks is really "Points" Start of "points" for masks
(edit) @85   13 years vondreel threshold masks operational add index peak list load/reload menu & …
(edit) @82   14 years vondreel split powder GUI stuff out of G2gd & put in new - all …
(edit) @81   14 years vondreel split out image stuff into
(edit) @78   14 years vondreel split IndexPeaks?, etc. from & put in new
(edit) @68   14 years vondreel improvements in powder pattern plot options
(edit) @66   14 years vondreel final cleanup after GSASIIpath implementation
(edit) @65   14 years vondreel remove all path setup code & replace with a simple import of GSASIIpath.
(edit) @63   14 years vondreel some refactoring of integrate routines in prep for an "integrate all" …
(edit) @62   14 years vondreel more cleanup of image integration; force 32 bit arrays to reduce …
(edit) @56   14 years vondreel major modification for images - not stored in project file. Now read …
(edit) @55   14 years vondreel 3rd try - reduce meatrices in integration
(edit) @53   14 years vondreel finish image integration problems still with motion, picking pts., …
(edit) @52   14 years vondreel add help & status bar messages in various places begin setup for …
(edit) @51   14 years vondreel integration working & plotted
(edit) @50   14 years vondreel fix graphics zoom, redraw, home issues now OK for powder, single …
(edit) @49   14 years vondreel resolved zoom issues with peak picking, etc. further steps for image …
(edit) @48   14 years vondreel finished ellipse fitting finished integration range display
(edit) @45   14 years vondreel remove plotting routines
(edit) @38   14 years vondreel convert to python 2.6 from Enthought small fixes to plotting ellipses
(edit) @36   14 years vondreel and again
(edit) @33   14 years toby fix up package paths
(edit) @32   14 years vondreel finished 1st round of ellipse fitting need to do LS fitting
(edit) @31   14 years vondreel move peak fit, index & refine menus to respective data frames fix …
(edit) @29   14 years vondreel next stage of image calibration
(edit) @25   14 years vondreel
(edit) @24   14 years toby add error mesages, fix import by making relative to source location, …
(edit) @23   14 years toby add a new sub directory based on OS and python ver for binary file(s)
(edit) @22   14 years vondreel more single crystal plot stuff
(edit) @21   14 years vondreel fixes to image/powder pattern plot events
(edit) @20   14 years vondreel more image controls fixes
(edit) @19   14 years vondreel image control fixups
(add) @8   14 years vondreel
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